This M&S collaboration with Ghost will be a certified sell-out

They’re also ideal for hanging out at home, popping to the shops and fitting in a little walk. Ah, such is life in Lockdown v.2.0. Unless you stray into gown territory (which is fun but not really practical) a nice dress will make you look like you’ve made an effort when the reality is that slipping into a dress is less hassle than shoving on a two-piece tracksuit.

Can you tell we love dresses? We really love dresses.

Dresses have long been the shortcut to polished style. Put one on and you’re done. Yes, shoes and a bag are required if you’re going outside but our love affair with the dress stems from the fact that they are an instant outfit.

There’s no need to faff around tucking too many layers into a slightly too tight waistband or colour-matching tops and trousers and umming and ahhing to see if they go. Dresses do all this for you *and* communicate your style preferences in one deft blow.

So we are thrilled at the prospect of updating our collection with the brilliant new collaboration between our ultimate High Street destination, Marks Spencer, and iconic dress label Ghost. Creator of the epic, un-creasable bias-cut slip dress that ruled the 1990s (Kate Moss was a fan) Ghost slipped out of style but has been back on the fashion pack’s radar over the past few years with a fresh update on what made them wardrobe staples back in the day.

The ease of the signature styles, with just enough added extra magic, mean the mainline collection has been a favourite of Holly Willoughby and Kate Middleton as well as mega influencers Lucy Williams and Jessie Bush. Now there’s an affordable version from M&S’s limited edition collection and we are so here for it.

There are 10 stand-out styles in sizes 6-16 and ranging from £59-79 plus three versions available in ages 6-14years (£30-£36) in case you have a small person to shop for too. These are our favourites…

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