May 20, 2024

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s most-referenced styling tips

Withalmost twelve million followers on Instagram alone, we’d suggest that many of us, in fact, areeagerto learn by the very nature of her social media ‘influence’.

I tried Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s favourite spray tan and it gave me the sun-kissed glow I’ve been searching for since last summer

She may have carved a hugely successful career for herself out of wearing clothes dictated by a brand or campaign stylist, but it turns out British model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is just as good at putting outfits together in her personal life too.

Sure she’s had a lot of practice with professionals, but there’s something about Rosie’s simple, almost carefree aesthetic that is so far removed from many of the high fashion editorials she fronts in her professional life that we’d like to think her beloved style is innate and organic, rather than inheritance from her environment.

But that’s not to say that we can’t learn from her.

So what can we learn from Rosie’s much-loved, simple style? We’ve broken down her 6 most-referenced – and super easy – styling tips to replicate, with some inside intel from someone who knows all about it…


It might sound obvious, but Rosie is a firm believer in the power of a good bag. Bottega Veneta is undoubtedly her favourite label for accessories right now, but you don’t have to stretch to that budget for the impact.

Instead of focussing on an item’s price, try and thing of it in terms of cost-per-wear. As you likely wear your shoes and your handbags far more often than, say, a new dress, you can justify spending a little more.


She’s forever being referenced as one of the sexiest women in the world, but Rosie’s sex appeal comes via a less obvious route of well-balanced androgyny.

Sukeena Rao, personal shopper style director who has previously worked with Rosie, explains that: “Rosie knows her body well. She is always the perfect balance of edgy but never too androgynous… even when doing a full ‘influencer’ style look she nails it with pinch of sexy cool every time. ”


While much of the fashion industry is seemingly putting no limit on the number of jewellery items that can be layered together, Rosie tends to focus on one statement piece. “Less is more for Rosie”, revealed Sukeena.

“She loves a single piece of jewellery to upscale an entire look and this is how she creates some of these major insta pics she is synonymous for. ”


She works hard to keep body in athletic shape, but that doesn’t mean Rosie feels the need to show it off in every outfit. Instead, she likes to play with silhouette via different volumes and proportions.

Although she rarely opts for an entirely oversized look, Rosie is known to pair slim-fit trousers with broad jackets and wide-leg trousers with fitted bodysuits.


She may be an advocate for investing in accessories, but Rosie is not shy to rely on the high street or lesser-known labels for some of her most-loved basics. “Rosie is always willing to champion emerging brands and seeks our cool alternatives always mixing high and low fashion”, explained Sukeena.

Not only does Rosie have a hugely-successful lingerie line with Marks Spencer, but she also frequently posts outfits comprised of *that* £12. 99 Zara bodysuit (which is set to be re-stocked very soon! ).


Thanks to her love for minimalism, Rosie doesn’t tend to incorporate too much colour in her wardrobe.

When she does, however, she makes chic, subtle choices – often via a pastel-coloured bag or super punchy red lip -that add interest and fun to her outfit without dictating and overwhelming the full look.

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