July 15, 2024

The £230 designer cycling shorts that won’t. Stop. Selling. Out.

Jourdan Dunn keeps her model body in shape with regular Kobox classes. Well, when her brother, Antoine, is a trainer at the boutique boxing gym, it’s little surprise she’s a mega fan!

Kim K’s trainer Melissa Alcantara confirmed to Women’s Health that her routine is composed of 85% weight training and just 15% cardio.

Workouts range from an hour to an hour 45 mins and are spread over six days a week!

Gigi Hadid is one of our all-time favourite fitness inspos. The model looks like she’s stepped straight off the runway in these sheer leggings and midriff-baring jumper.

We’re not quite sure if Kate Upton went to the gym or for a run, or if she was just out in her active wear – let’s face it, we’re all guilty of that – but one thing is for sure, pink sportswear is gaining momentum and we’re all for it!

Model Alessandra Ambrosio was spotted out and about in Los Angeles, pounding the pavement in her cool Victoria’s Secret fitness gear.

Pippa Middleton could be seen embracing the scorching London heatwave heat by going for a jog. We’ll pass thanks, but fair play, Pippa!

Claire Danes rocks a short sleeved hoodie top for a jog round New York.

Emma Roberts cuts a stylish shape en route to the gym in her leggings and a knotted vest.

We wish we looked this happy when out for a run! Reese Witherspoon kept it casual in a pair of sports leggings, a sweater and aviator sunglasses while working out.

Kourtney Kardashian is another member of the family who loves to workout regularly. The star was spotted wearing a matching blue sweater and leggings for her session.

Actress Amy Adams keeps it cool for her workout. She recently opted for some black sports leggings, bright trainers and a chic leather backpack.

Twilight star Ashley Greene proves workout wear doesn’t have to be boring with a pair of bright blue sports leggings.

Khloe Kardashian made us all want to run out and buy some new gym clothes (and maybe actually make it to the gym? ! ) when she rocked this Adidas monochrome combo and sunglasses, of course.

She makes no secret of her strict fitness regime and it shows. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley emerged from an LA gym looking exactly like a toned goddess. It just shows, you gotta put the sweat in…

Well, Kendall Jenner looks banging when she’s working out. Papped on her way to the gym in LA, all that training’s really paid off…

Looking 100% like a Malibu babe, Kelly Rowland shows us how to look stylish in workout gear whilst taking a stroll around LA.

Jessica Alba looks svelte as she wears her gym kit – leggings, a slogan vest and trainers.

So, erm, Zac Efron got ripped. Out and about in Hawaii, the actor was papped going on a hike.

The actor shared an Instagram photo from the trail on Monday and captioned it: “Trailing up the military pillbox hike in Hawaii and remembering our troops. Thank you for your service #Memorialday”.

Spotted in Malibu over Easter Weekend, Kendall Jenner showed off her enviable lean bod while counteracting all that egg scoffing with a sociable hike.

Well if we’ll look as good as Tay Tay in those American Apparel shorts after an LA hike, we’ll get running up those Hollywood Hills too.

Sorry, but when is Khloe not working out? At first we thought her gym attire had fluffy sleeves (totally expected from a Kardashian) but sadly that’s just something lurking in the background.

How does Lea Michele keep in shape? By hiking in LA (with beau by side), obviously

Dan Stevens was spotted braving the snow in the name of keeping fit. Nice leggings.

Reese is really going for it. Pounding the pavements of LA.

Alessandra Ambrosio Exercise Of Choice: It seems that Alessandra has kept to her preference for raising her heartbeat outdoors. Here she is cycling through LA with her long limbs and sun-kissed skin. Her shades make the workout situation so much cooler.

It really doesn’t surprise us that Victoria’s Secret angel Alessandra has a strict exercise regime – but we’re glad to see the VS lady is working out in the park rather than a fancy gym. It just goes to show, we could all do it ourselves…

Lea can regularly be spied hiking in LA with pals/fitness instructor. The benefits of walking are well-documented with many accrediting an hour’s walk every day to helping to keep their weight down as well as toning both the legs and bum. This weekend, Lea was spotted at TreePeople Park in LA, known for its hiking trails and panoramic views of the city. Need a hiking chum, Lea? We’d happily oblige.

Model Gigi is known for keeping her trim figure thanks to regular boxing sessions at her local gym in New York City.

Based in New York City, it’s little surprise to learn that Naomi Watts keeps her fab figure thanks to regular runs around the Big Apple.

Alexa Chung can accredit her slender physique to regular ballet classes which she is often seen going to when she’s in New York.

Another dance class fan is Amy Adams, who much like Alexa regularly attends ballet and modern classes to stay in shape.

Elle Fanning is a keen runner and also attends ballet classes up to five times a week.

Fashion maven Diane Kruger is thought to keep her fitness regime mostly outdoors, regularly enjoying a hike or cycling. The actress is also a keen dancer, too.

Karlie Kloss is an avid fitness fanatic who regularly mixes up her gym routine with SoulCycle, Pilates, ballet, running and workouts. The model is also a member of ModelFit gym – how apt! – in New York City, where she’s regularly spotted with BFF Taylor Swift.

How to get a body like a Victoria Secret’s angel? Well, Candice Swanapoel does a lot of resistance training with her PT, most notably kick boxing, jumping ropes and building muscle. However, the South African beauty has also revealed that she regularly does yoga too, to stay flexible.

A keen runner, Katie Holmes’ trim figure is thought to be down to a rigorous running regime interspersed with High Intensity Interval Training.

Yoga, yoga and more yoga is the secret to The Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco’s enviable abs.

Hugh Jackman regularly keeps in shape, thanks to the demands of his X-Men role, Wolverine. The Aussie actor was snapped doing a bit of boxing and karate with a personal trainer in New York.

Jourdan Dunn was spotted with a skipping rope on the set of a Victoria’s Secret shoot in New York, Jourdan’s not just a fitness freak for the camera having credited her model body to regular gym sessions with a personal trainer to help with her core strength.

She might look stylish in her workout gear but Rita Ora takes her workouts pretty seriously. The singer has attended the world’s toughest boot camp, worked out with boxing champ David Hayes and relies on vegetable juices to keep in shape.

Kim Kardashian
Exercise Of Choice:
She might have a bouncing baby to look after, a wedding to plan and various business plates to keep spinning, but Kim K always manages to find time to hit the treadmill. The star is a fan of Barry’s Bootcamp, which involves strength training and cardio and burns 1,000 calories in 60 minutes. Other celeb fans include David Beckham.

“I hike, I dance, I spin, Pilates and yoga,” Vanessa Hudgens told GLAMOUR. The actress also revealed that she is a big fan of soul cycling (spinning in semi-darkness to club tunes) and her leggings seem to suggests she’s still an advocate.

Kristen Stewart revealed that she had to work on her figure for Snow White And The Huntsman – and that meant going to the gym and dieting. “I’ve never worked out before,” Stewart told GQ magazine. “Now I’m only allowed to eat stuff out of a box. It works. Also I feel more energised and stronger. ”

Kate Winslet
Exercise Of Choice: Kate Winslet has revealed that exercise “keeps her sane”. “That’s the main reason I took it up… But I do feel… I don’t know… Part of, I suppose, my way out of everything, has been really taking care of myself,” she explained. Whatever rocks your boat, Kate!

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Exercise Of Choice:
In need of gymspiration? Look no further than Brit model Rosie. The 26-year-old is a fan of hiking with friends, yoga and hitting the gym with her personal trainer. Oh and she’s learning to surf, too.

Emma Stone
Exercise Of Choice: Emma Stone’s another one who can’t stay away from good, old-fashioned Pilates!

Kirsten Dunst

Exercise Of Choice: The actress has apparently been working closely with trainer-to-the-stars, Tracy Anderson. Her fitness schedule includes Pilates, doing outdoor activities, resistance bands, cardio workouts and lunges.

Emily Blunt
Exercise Of Choice: For her role as a ballerina in The Adjustment Bureau, Emily Blunt had to attend her own personal ballet bootcamp, which included two hours of intensive cardio, sculpting and resistance work. She then followed these intense sessions with two more hours of dance training!

Elle Macpherson

Exercise Of Choice: As well as doing the school “run”, Elle “The Body” Macpherson exercises with her personal trainer James Duigan three times a week.

Megan Fox
Exercise Of Choice: For her role in Transformers, Megan Fox had the challenge of making her body look slim, toned and sexy without being bulky. To get those killer defined abs, she did a time-compressed body-weight routine that relied on core strength exercises like the plank.

Halle Berry
Exercise Of Choice: Catwoman and X-Men are physically-demanding roles so Halle created a Five-Factor Fitness plan, which includes an exercise regime of 25 minutes, five times a week, and healthy eating.

Gisele Bundchen
Exercise Of Choice: Gisele Bundchen keeps her bikini body by doing yoga everyday, as well as other high-impact exercise like volleyball and extreme sports.

Ashley Tisdale
Exercise Of Choice: The High School Musical star loves kickboxing and lifting weights (we didn’t think she had it in her! ) “It’s great for cardio. It’s great for your abs and your whole body. Weight training is great for toning up and leaning up without bulking up. But the kickboxing is really amazing because it just works everything at once. ”

Dakota Fanning
Exercise Of Choice: The Breaking Dawn star enjoys her yoga and gym sessions but also likes some company – so regularly takes along a pal.

Charlize Theron
Exercise Of Choice: Charlize Theron maintains her long, lean figure with al fresco exercise. She loves to be outside and regularly runs and boogie-boards on the beach near her LA home.

Reese Witherspoon
Exercise Of Choice: Reese does everything from yoga to baseball.

Katy Perry
Exercise Of Choice: Katy Perry burns unwanted calories by skipping. “I can double jump; I can cross. I can do all of it. I look like Rocky when I jump rope. ”

Anna Paquin
Exercise Of Choice: Anna Paquin is a very gifted athlete and (according to her personal trainer) “a damn good boxer”. As well as this and jogging, the actress does Pilates and weight-lifting. Phew!

Eva Longoria
Exercise Of Choice: Eva Longoria is a big aerobics fan – did you know she used to teach it herself?

Matthew McConaughey
Exercise Of Choice: Running, swimming, cycling, this man does it all.

Jessica Alba
Exercise Of Choice: Jessica Alba’s trainer Ramona Braganza makes her do 300 crunches and 50 lunges in the gym. Ouch!

A combination of cardio and strength training with personal trainer Harley Pasternak keeps Eva looking amazing and feeling amazing.

Madonna has abandoned traditional workouts in favour of vibrating Power Plates.

The former City star keeps those endless pins looking toned by doing a series of squat thrusts with her personal trainer

Kate Beckinsale likes to keep her exercise fun so mixes boxing and martial arts, along with body weight exercises

Anne Hathaway developed her own special exercise, or the “platypus walk”, with personal trainer David Kirsch to get her bum in shape for action film, Get Smart.

Gwyneth Paltrow hates dieting so to stay in shape the actress does intensive body-sculpting six times a week.

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