Beauty bloggers swear by this £5 powder for cheating 8 hours sleep

The vlogger took to her vlog to rave about the Revolution Baking Powder, crediting the cosmetic with making her eyes look ‘a hell of a lot brighter’. The best news? It will only set you back £5. Yes, a fiver.

If you suffer with dark circles and long for that cheated-eight-hours-sleep look, listen up.

A powder that claims to banish tired eyes and leave you looking bright-eyed and bushy tailed is going viral – and with endorsements from beauty pro, Zoella, we were keen to find out more.

Zoella filmed a vlog to celebrate the launch of her new Splash Botanics Range (we’ll bring you more info on that soon!), and raved about the powder from Superdrug. Zoella explains that she learnt all about baking – the process of applying powder to make your eyes pop and your concealer last longer – from Kim Kardashian.

She wrote: “I find that it really lightens underneath the eyes and makes your concealer last all day.

“I have seen a lot of people ‘baking’ under their eyes and I haven’t ever really followed that technique until Kim Kardashian was posting about it on her Insta Stories.

“I have been really, really enjoying this. I genuinely do feel like this makes my under eyes look a hell of a lot brighter but also for a lot longer and I’m now recommending it to everybody I know.”

Since posting, hundreds of Zoella’s fans and fellow beauty bloggers rushed to snap up the powder.

On the brand’s website, the product promises to set and mattify makeup to last all day. It promises to help to prevent oils throughout the day and extend the wear of your makeup, whilst also diffusing imperfections and keep your skin matte.

We will certainly be trying this budget baking powder out.

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