June 22, 2024

The secret of attraction is open

Psychologists have long seen that a man chooses a companion of life, driven, albeit subconsciously, by the need for procreation. Our distant ancestors did not have any diagnostic equipment to determine how healthy the woman was.

Obviously, they needed a certain signal to understand if this or that woman is suitable for them. This signal was physical beauty.

Cavitation in “Aurora” will help to become physically beautiful

Ideal proportions

This was known to science before. But before the hypothesis of Dr. Singh, a 56-year-old professor of psychology at the University of Texas, it was generally assumed that the choice predominantly fell on very fat, fat women who seemed more powerful, healthy, and “fertile”.

Dr. Singh proved that it’s not the fat that matters, but how it is distributed according to the figure. Dr. Singh worked with more than a thousand volunteers between the ages of 18 and 86, representatives of different professions with different levels of culture. Eventually he came to the conclusion: the ideal is a woman of normal build, the ratio of the waist and hips in which is 0. 7. Those men who prefer fatty or, conversely, thin, also adhere to the above proportion.

How to achieve the ideal proportions? After all, you need to lose weight in a certain place. Previously, such a result was possible only with the help of liposuction. However, not everyone is ready to lie down on the plastic surgeon’s table, therefore modern aesthetic cosmetology offers new ways of solving “old” problems.

Our grandmothers went for this massage, mums – for LPG, we have cavitation!

What it is?

Cavitation is a method of aesthetic medicine that has a direct and immediate effect on fat cells and can be a serious competitor to surgical liposuction. To date, this is an absolute hit in the field of figure correction, which is not surprising, as cavitation results in the loss of fat cells and precisely in the place that is exposed to cavitation. Thanks to this, you can not just lose weight whole, but have a direct effect on the “problem areas”.

The procedure is based on the ability of ultrasound of a certain frequency to cause in the fat cells the effect of cavitation, that is, the formation of microbubbles. They increase in size and in the collapsing release energy that destroys the membranes of fat cells. The fat released from the “traps” gets into the lympho- and bloodstream and is gradually eliminated from the body naturally.

Ultrasonic cavitation allows you to aim to destroy fat deposits, to affect all the stages of cellulite, and do it non-traumatically and painlessly. In this case, other cells – the epidermis, vessels, muscles and ligaments – under the action of cavitation do not collapse and are not damaged. This is explained by the fact that in dense structures with strong intra- and intercellular bonds, microbubbles are not formed.

During the procedure, pleasant warmth is felt. The duration of the session depends on the treated area, but does not exceed one hour.

After cavitation, lymphatic drainage procedures must be performed to remove fat decay products. Inside, the modern hardware cosmetology “Aurora” in the cavitation process on the Italian machine Lipomax also includes ultrasonic massage to improve skin tone and lymphatic drainage with ultrasound cavitation effect of light on the sensor. All this contributes to a rapid reduction in volumes.

The procedures are carried out for the first 2 weeks 2 times a week, then 1 time per week. The recommended course is 10 procedures. After a cavitation session, fatty and fried foods should be avoided, drinking regimen should be followed, and an active lifestyle should be maintained.

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