Aqua aerobics: wet do not sweat

People fight in attempts to lose weight without exhausting training – like fish on ice. All the experiments say that when you eat donuts with hot chocolate and whipped cream and without spilling seven pots in the gym, you will not lose weight, whatever the charlatans say, you can not easily take the fish out of the pond.

However, you can go the other way, go to the pond yourself – for the proverbial fish of harmony. Classes of aqua aerobics are advertised as pleasant, without sweat and half-fainting condition, and also helping nerves – that in our hard times is seen as a plus.

What are really the training swimmers, SHE correspondent, who does not know how to swim, went to find out.

Reference:Aqua aerobics – a system of exercises in the water, using its resistance, as well as additional equipment (water dumbbells, nuddles (special flexible sticks made from foam), weighting agents for the feet). Typically, the lessons last 45 minutes. For the first time such a system is described in the manuscripts of Ancient China: monks practiced the sharpness of movements in the water from the arsenal of martial arts. 

Indications: Suitable in all cases where heavy loads are contraindicated, but movement is still necessary (and it is always necessary), varicose veins, overweight, joint problems, musculoskeletal system, heart, diabetes, hypertension and hypotension .

Contraindications:Damage to eardrums and disturbances of the vestibular apparatus, a tendency to allergies (then it is desirable to avoid the highly chlorinated water used in swimming pools). There are a number of recommendations that should be considered when choosing this type of fitness: hydrostatic pressure can cause a feeling of chest tightness in people with asthma; with a tendency to cramp in the water should be only under the guidance of a coach.

Novosibirsk water area

In Novosibirsk aqua aerobics is represented quite widely. Classes are held almost in every major pool, in the pools of fitness clubs and specialized aqua aerobics centers. In the fitness club “Remix” a one-time visit costs 400 rubles, a subscription for 4 classes – 1200 rubles, for 8 – 2100 rubles. In the Grand Arena one-time – 500 rubles., 8 training – 2300 rubles. In the pool “Vodnik” test lesson costs 250 rubles., 8 visits – 1900 rubles; However, in the Vodnik classes will be held only until June 20. In the center of aqua aerobics “Aqua-drive” a trial lesson costs 300 rubles, 8 trainings – 2000 rubles. In the studio of aqua aerobics “California” a one-time visit – 350 rubles., 8 classes – 1800 rubles. in the afternoon or 2200 rubles. in the evening.

There are different types of aqua aerobics – for beginners, power, for pregnant women, dance; they differ with the used inventory and the exercises chosen.

However, in the Novosibirsk water areas, only the standard and aqua aerobics for pregnant women are more common. Classes for both kinds, as a rule, last 45 minutes. In addition, classes are in “shallow”, “medium” and “deep” water. In “shallow” water, the water level reaches the waist, the load goes only to the feet. “Average” water reaches the breast level, it allows you to work out the muscles of the abdomen and pelvis, while squats also work on the muscles of the hands. This is the most common type of aqua aerobics in the world, because it is the most safe and effective. It should be noted that aqua aerobics is, in principle, one of the safest types of fitness – trauma danger is several times lower than with such a load on land. In “deep” water (when there is no leg support), it is of course more dangerous to engage in and it is hardly acceptable for one who does not know how to swim, but this species also has its advantages:

In Novosibirsk, “deep water” classes are held in all major pools, but there is one significant for some minus – in the same pool during your training, swimmers, children’s groups, and vacationers can be.

Not everyone will want to puff in the company of losing women, when there are so many outsiders eyes.

In addition, an important selection criterion was the availability of a certificate from a doctor, a therapist or a dermatologist, as in the usual visit to the pool. I did not want to stand in the policlinic in line for a certificate for a one-time visit. And we all know that this information is not at all a guarantee that you do not pick up a fungus anywhere – no one is engaged in a thorough examination of its issue, and this paper, as a rule, has the character of a “response”. According to three criteria – the absence of strangers and the requirements of the certificate, as well as the availability of medium water – the “California” aqua aerobics studio was chosen to enter the “open sea”.

Process:Classes are held in swimsuits and hats, with you need to have slaps and a towel. Seven trainers were evenly distributed over a small pool with illumination and under cheerful music started with a warm-up, running in water, waving hands, imitating ski races. Lingering on the surface of the water, the trainees perform exercises on the press. Those who do not know how to swim use air dumbbells, putting their armpits and taking them in their hands. The same dumbbells are underwater when working on the muscles of the hands. At the end of the training – stretching with support on the edge of the pool.

Sensations: Natural laziness and the inability to swim correspondent SHE somewhere went away, and, despite the usual dislike for standard exercises, it was interesting to study, there was not even a thought to regret and pofilonit.

You do not sweat, your head does not sweat from the load and stuffiness. And to be in the water, in principle, very nice.

As a result, the body allows itself a lot of work and enjoys it. When leaving the water, the severity of the body is sharply felt, and the next day nothing hurts – which somewhat embarrasses. Still, I want to feel this pleasant pain of the body, which says: yes, yesterday you did a good job.


Natalia, 25 years old, walks 3 months: “The result is noticeable. She lost only a kilogram and a half, but the general condition of the muscles has changed a lot. After the first training session, it is felt that the muscles are tense, in tone, a very pleasant feeling. ”

Victoria, 32, the third lesson: “It became easier to move. I was sent here because the varicose veins started – and after two lessons I notice that its manifestations are less. ”

Anastasia Rodnina, instructor in aqua aerobics:“Future moms, who give birth for the second time and went to avkaaerobik only with the second child, note that stretch marks disappear very quickly – thanks to aquamassage the skin comes into tonus, cellulite disappears. When I was practicing 2-3 times a week, women at the age of 15 were thrown out in training for 4-6 months: for a woman who only sits at home and knits socks-scarves to her grandchildren, or who have difficulty walking after injuries, this is a serious result “

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