June 20, 2024

The correspondent of SE checked on itself the healing properties of facial massage and rubbing of golden pollen

The gym helps to strengthen the muscles of the body and keep them toned. Muscles of the face, by the way, too, without systematic exercises become lethargic, soft.

Therefore, the face oval changes, the skin sags, wrinkles appear. To prevent this from happening, you do not have to grimace hard, trying to pump up muscles – this case will not help. There is an excellent, proven by centuries means – face massage

Cosmetology massage usually has two purposes: reducing swelling and smoothing facial wrinkles. In addition, it very well restores skin tone, strengthens it and muscles, improves blood circulation and complexion. On average, the procedure costs 400-700 rubles in the city’s salons. Our choice fell on the Salon “Scarlett” (the procedure costs 600 rubles), which interested in the fact that the cream on which the massage is performed, performs two functions at once: corrective and nutritious.

The problem of facial swelling is most often associated with poor kidney function. However, it also happens that a bad lymphatic drain provokes the appearance of swelling, especially under the eyes. An excellent remedy for this problem is lymph drainage facial massage. It is combined with tonic and modeling, that is, it is well worked out, strengthening it, and if it is possible to apply such a comparison, training muscles.

The correspondent of SE checked on itself the healing properties of facial massage and rubbing of golden pollen

If there are a lot of procedures for indications, there are almost no contraindications, except for the presence of pustular eruptions and inflammation. Extra time to massage the face is not recommended with excessive growth of hair on the face. Here, perhaps, and all the prohibitions.

At first, the skin is cleaned, then the face, neck, décolleté and shoulders are wiped with a tonic. After the tonic is absorbed, a cream is applied, along which the massage is done. In adulthood, the emphasis is on strengthening, regenerating and modeling functions of the remedy, in the younger – on nutritional and moisturizing. However, nothing prevents to combine all the useful properties in one – this is the complex approach used by the cosmetologist in Scarlett.

Massage movements begin with the kneading of the trapezius muscles on the shoulders and chest, then pass into stroking the neck, after which the main forces are given to the elaboration of the face. In strengthening the tone usually needs skin on the line of the chin, nasolabial folds and cheeks. Slapping, grinding, working with active points. All methods of massaging, aimed at increasing elasticity, I will not list – they are more interesting to masters. The cosmetologist explained that all the actions go in the direction of the dermal lines, that is, along the lines of the least stretching of the skin.

The correspondent of SE checked on itself the healing properties of facial massage and rubbing of golden pollen

Particular attention to face massage is given to such problem areas as nasolabial folds, skin around the eyes, skin on the forehead and between the eyebrows – where wrinkles arise in the first place.

The skin around the eyes is very thin, easily stretched and damaged, but needs a massage. The most delicate touches with pressing on active points the cosmetician has graciously processed this area.

The cosmetologist offered to complete the transformation of Cinderella novelty – gold plasters. They help fight the signs of wilting and bring to life moody moods that are prone to wrinkles. The application of these patches turned out to be a fascinating action: gold dust was applied to the skin, which with the help of vitaminized solution and light massage movements on the eyes disappeared in the depths of the epidermis. There, she claimed, the beautician, began to inspire the skin cells to work more actively and encouraged them to maintain resilience. It is worth applying plasters from 1000 rubles.

The correspondent of SE checked on itself the healing properties of facial massage and rubbing of golden pollen

Facial massage is a very pleasant procedure. It lasts about half an hour, and it’s a pity to part with warm hands, tenderly stroking your face. Master warned that the greatest effect is achieved with the course – 10 times 2-3 times a week. But also she promised that after the first time the result will be visible. Indeed, the complexion has changed a lot: the skin has turned pink, a blush has appeared, even the lips have become brighter. The swelling (it was morning) was gone. The mood has improved: after all, lifting emotional stress is another item in the long list of the merits of the massage. And all these virtues are confirmed in practice.

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