April 20, 2024

After the holidays the medical center “Effect” suggests using the program of weight loss and purification

The New Year holidays are over. Those who prefer an active vacation on vacation, do not have to worry about extra pounds. Well, those who spent the holidays at the table and in front of the TV, are in a hurry to console – do not despair!

The severity in the stomach and the weight of the body, indicated by the arrows of the scales, are unpleasant, but reparable. The Medical Center “Effect” offers a special program for weight loss, rejuvenation and cleansing of the body. It will definitely help

In the “Effect” do not show miracles – the program of weight loss is built on the natural reaction of the body in terms of restriction in food. If the fact that the scales do not lie and it’s time to get rid of excess kilos is realized, you need to undergo a survey, according to which the doctor will prescribe an individual program for you.

After this, it is worth to go to the hospital and spend 5 to 10 days there. During this time a lot of interesting things will happen to you.

After the holidays the medical center "Effect" suggests using the program of weight loss and purification


The first four days in the hospital will starve, taking only phyto-tea, a decoction of dried apricots and oxygen cocktails. You will not have time to get bored with food – all the time you will be engaged in health-improving procedures aimed at weight reduction and recovery, such as Charcot’s shower, circular shower, contrasting, pearl and salt baths, aromatherapy and sauna, massage, exercise therapy and exercise in the gym.

In addition, you will be prescribed programs for the purification of the liver, bile duct and gallbladder, salivary glands and gastrointestinal tract. The body gets rid of the impurities that interfere with the proper metabolism and is taken for active burning of excess fat. After 4 days, a gradual exit from hunger comes with a special program that allows you to keep the result achieved and avoid disruptions at home. If the client wants,

After the holidays the medical center "Effect" suggests using the program of weight loss and purification

Additional procedures

In addition to the mandatory program, the implementation of which is closely monitored by the head physician of the center, working with each patient separately, if desired, you can go through an additional course of various procedures presented in the “Effect”. This cryosauna is a cold treatment at extremely low temperatures. One session in the cryosauna lasts just over a minute and burns 1500 kilocalories. And after 7-10 procedures, cellulite decreases at least one level. A course of hydrocolonotherapy is also recommended, here it is performed with lemon juice for active weight reduction.


Cleansing from the inside is well combined with putting in order the appearance – in “Effect” provide a full range of cosmetology services. To get rid of cellulite apply a variety of wraps, baths with underwater hand massage, to remove local fat deposits – subcutaneous ozone therapy. In addition, intravenous ozone therapy is used – a powerful immunostimulant for general strengthening of the body. Also in the “Effect” you can relax in the salt cave, sunbathe in the solarium and go through many more pleasant procedures that help to rejuvenate and strengthen the protective properties of the body.

A separate item can be designated as a free consultation of a plastic surgeon. If there is a need, in the center make injections of beauty, the result of which is instant and visible.

What does the program provide? Guaranteed weight loss: on average, the loss was 10-13% of the total body weight at the time of admission to the hospital. That is, for 10 days of stay in the “Effect”, most lose weight by 5-6 kg, but there are patients who parted with 11 kilograms. In addition, the program helps to cleanse the body, normalizes metabolism, improves skin condition, rejuvenates and revitalizes the body. After passing the program, the doctor prescribes an individual scheme of dietary nutrition to maintain the results. The hospital provides comfortable 1-, 2- and 4-bed rooms. The wellness center is located in an ecologically clean area.

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