The choice of a bra has a great influence on both image and women’s health

This happens to us for the first time in twelve to thirteen years – and there is no turning back. The purchase of the first bra is a symbol of the end of childhood (a bra is generally a highly symbolic thing).

Officially modern bra was born in the early twentieth century (of course, in France), finally achieving harmful and completely incompatible with the emancipation corsets. Further adventures of the brassiere were a reflection of a great story – both fashion and public moods. In the 1920s, it was often required of him not to multiply, but, on the contrary, to smooth out the splendor of forms – in honor were the girls of athletic build.

In the 1930s, manufacturers came up with the idea of ​​sewing soft pads (which Marilyn Monroe later did not disdain for them) in the bras used to us. The 1960s bring fashion to naturalness, the struggle for women’s rights and the fragile model of Twiggy. For feminists, bras become a symbol of obsolete values: they are ritually burned on bonfires and thrown into garbage cans.

But, of course, the bra was invincible – he has too many virtues. This is the ability to create amazing illusions, and banal convenience – at least when practicing sports. Any girl, at least with an average breast size, forgetting a bra for training in horseback riding, from the heart sympathized with the Amazons of the past. 

But only the correctly selected bra has merits – otherwise it is not only uncomfortable, but also harmful.

The main criterion for a properly selected bra is that it does not make itself felt by physical discomfort. Harm from the too tight or not corresponding to the shape of the breast bra doctors evaluate in different ways. In the mammal center “Vera” they say that the worst consequence of prolonged wearing of the wrong underwear can be malignant tumors. Other specialists are not inclined to directly connect breast cancer with a bra.

“The consequence can be the development of mastopathy, dermatitis from rubbing,” says oncologist Vera Burenkova. “But you can not say that a woman who wears a tight bra will develop cancer.” The pressure from the bra can be a co-factor, but not the main one. “

However, doctors agree that it is better not to wear a bra for more than eight hours a day and it is undesirable – more than twelve.

That is, coming home, it is better to remember the feminists of the 1960s and urgently remove the symbol of femininity in order to give the breasts a break. “The breast must also receive a load,” explains Ms. Burenkova. But even to give up the bra can only afford girls with a maximum of the first size. Starting with the second size, a complete failure of the bra will accelerate the inevitable – sooner or later – the sagging of the breast.

It is better to leave immediately in the fitting room a bra that does not comply with the basic rules:

• It is clear that the bra should not be either too loose or too tight in cups and girth under the breast. But it should be comfortable not only in a relaxed position. Trying a bra, you need to check it in free movement – twist, bend over and raise your arms up. If the chest tends to get free, and the edges cut into the skin, you should ask for a different size or style.

• “The mammary gland should fit exactly to the edges of the brassiere. Between the edge of the cup and the body should pass freely the little finger, – says Vera Burenkova. – The nipples should not be squashed with cups. ”

• The bigger the chest, the wider the straps. Bra straps should not crash into the shoulders, nor fall. If you expect to tighten them to the desired length, do not forget that they will additionally stretch after a few weeks of socks.

• Straps, ribbons, fasteners and other rubbing and skin traumatizing parts should not fall on birthmarks on the back or shoulders. Constant friction injures the birthmark, and this in turn can lead to consequences up to skin cancer. If the birthmark is in such a place that it is impossible to avoid friction, it is worth consulting with a doctor.

Errors in choosing a bra can damage not only your health, but also your image and business reputation. The business style of clothing, on the one hand, means wearing a bra – the free spirit of a hippie at work is not the place. On the other hand, this wearing should not be discernible.

Everyone knows that the edge of the scarlet lace, sticking out of the decollete, is suitable for a business lady only in a porn film. But you need to follow the relief. If you wear a blouse from a thin canvas or light knitwear, the knobs and bulges of lace make it look sloppy.

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