Shugaring: sweet and smooth

Sugar, or Persian, depilation has long been used by eastern women to treat the body before the wedding night. Works describing the horrors of Muslim life, often relish episodes with the bride’s ripping and her chilling screams of pain.

But, nevertheless, in European beauty salons shugaring is described as an alternative procedure for those who can not endure the pain of wringing hair with the help of wax. The fact that Shugaring is good and how to use this sugar was recognized on its own skin by the correspondent of SE.

Shugaring in Novosibirsk is not done everywhere. In some salons, for example “Scarlett”, before the sugar depilation was in the program, but now it was canceled. With a concentrated search, you can find sweet traces in the fitness club “Aquatic” – here for bare shins will have to give 1000 rubles. And in the salon Ahava on Gagarin. Here, sugar depilation is done both in the bikini area, and under the armpits, and on the legs – both completely and just to the knees.

For hair removal, a caramel mass specially designed for depilation is used. This syrup really does not differ in anything from what they did in childhood to males, – melted sugar and a little water.

Reference: Shugaring (from English sugar – sugar) – a method of depilation, which allows to get rid of unwanted hair on the body and face with the help of sugar syrup. Unlike wax depilation, it is less painful, atraumatic, hypoallergenic. Cost (in the Ahava salon): shanks – 700 rubles, legs completely – 1100, bikini average – 700, deep – from 1000 to 2000, armpits, face – 300 rubles. 

It is important to heat up to the desired temperature – not higher than 40 ° С (ideally 36,6) – temperature, but also not to overheat. The beautician takes the amber transparent syrup from the cans with his fingers and pours it on the skin. Not hot and not cold – the temperature is close to body temperature. From the transparent yellow sugar paste quickly becomes white and viscous, like a chewing gum. Beautician sharp movements glue a lump on a piece of skin the size of no more than 5 square meters. cm and rips off in the direction of hair growth.

A little pinches, but not very painful. However, it is impossible to name the absolutely painless procedure, of course, when hair breaks out from the root, pain can not be avoided. The shorter the hairs, the more tolerant the sensations, the longer, especially above the ankle, the more sensitive the pain.

The treatment procedure for shins took a little over an hour. If processing were wax strips, it would all end in a few minutes. The duration is associated with a small area of ​​processing and the fact that some hairs can not be immediately followed and have to go through one place several times. Unquestionable – mostly coarse black hair, and it’s amazing how patience Eastern women, their owners, differed.

If the wax takes a little skin (cornified layers of the epithelium), the sugar works exclusively with the hair. Therefore, the irritation after depilation, even if it was necessary to repeatedly work one site, does not arise. Bordovyh pimples, there is no red skin, as well as the remains of wax, which do not allow themselves to be destroyed by any oil napkins. Sugar paste does not leave after treatment any traces on the skin, or on clothes. Objectively argue that after shugaring hair grows less, it is impossible. This unpleasant feature does not depend on the method of depilation, but on the properties of the skin – some hairs, weakened, simply can not break through the skin outside.

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the skin immediately after depilation – due to the fact that shugaring removes even the shortest hairs, the skin was strikingly smooth and soft.

The effect lasted for several days, and even after a week, when all the rules of physiology of the hair should begin to break through, the skin was more pleasant to the touch than on the first day after depilation with wax. If such an expression is appropriate for the skin of the shins, then it can be said that shugaring makes it more luxurious.

• less painful than the same procedure with wax;
• even the shortest hair is pulled out and the skin becomes absolutely smooth;
• Atraumatic – the temperature of the paste is roomy, you can not get burned;
• There is no allergy, redness, irritation, red spots after depilation.


• expensive – usually twice as expensive as the wax procedure;
• Long – because small areas are handled, the procedure can be delayed;
• If the hair is hard, sugar can not take them;
• requires skill.

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