The Beauty Rituals of Brazilian Women Revealed

From their notoriously sun-kissed skin to the cultural obsession with the booty, Brazilian women are considered some of the most attractive in the world. I mean, have you seen Gisele Bündchen?

But aside from good genes, the South American country has wonderful views for working out, an abundance of nourishing natural resources, and a whole lot of beauty culture.

So, we asked Ingrid Reichert, a Sol de Janeiro Brazilian beauty expert, to reveal the rituals that make Brazilian women so naturally beautiful.

Being “Cheirosa”

“Cheirosa” is the equivalent of saying “you look beautiful,” explains Reichert. It’s an expression Brazilians use when someone smells good. “It’s a very good compliment to give a friend, relative, or lover in Brazil,” she says. “And in the spirit of being ‘cheirosa,’ we are obsessed with showering.

We take showers in the morning, in the evening, before sex, during sex, after sex, etc.” For the ultimate in-shower experience, try Too Cool For School Coconut Milky Oil Shower Moisturizing Body Wash ($20; sephora.com). Made with natural coconut extract, it leaves skin silky-smooth and smelling aah-mazing.

Foot Fetishes

Due to the warm climate, feet are always on display in Brazil. “Brazilians want to keep feet soft and touchable, so we like to have a fresh pedicure at all times,” says Reichert. “Women usually have a standing appointment at the local salon for a weekly mani-pedi.”

Though, it’s also common to have a manicurist come to our homes to take care of our hands and feet, she adds. Polish yours at home with Sol de Janeiro Samba 2-Step Foot Fetish Care ($27; sephora.com), and top your toes with a bright new Insta-Dri Nail Color by Sally Hansen ($5; ulta.com).

Loads of coconut water

“We drink coconut water straight from the fruit itself, which is something Brazilians have been doing for many years,” Reichert says. Aside from being insanely refreshing, coconut water is chock-full of anti-aging cytokinins, essential minerals like magnesium and iron, and B vitamins.

“There are coconut stands all along Brazil’s beaches – they are so easily accessible, like our version of Starbucks!” No beach nearby? No problem. Order Naked Pure Coconut Water ($24; amazon.com).

Booty maintenance

Brazilians are obsessed with derrières, says Reichert. “We even have a Miss Bum Bum contest every year.” This explains the Brazilian Butt Lift, a procedure that is becoming increasingly popular stateside.

To tighten the tush, Brazilians have long been sourcing a local Amazonian plant called guarana. Its seed contains twice the amount of caffeine, which is known for a temporary tightening and plumping effect, found in coffee beans. Reichert recommends Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream ($45; sephora.com).

Everyday exercise

Brazilians are not only obsessed with their physique, but also with their performance. Being strong is considered sexy, says Reichert. You’ve probably heard of some of the most famous workouts born in Brazil, including the Brazilian Tummy Tuck, a killer ab routine.

“There is no better place to exercise than on the beach,” she says. “We have outdoor gyms right on the sand, available for anyone to use, and you can take almost any class on the beach. After a workout, we jump in the ocean to cool off and relax, utilizing the natural sea salt to decompress achy muscles for a lean, toned look.”

 Beach beauty routines

In addition to sweating on the beach, Brazilians are known to practice their beauty rituals under the sun. “We take advantage of the sun’s heat, using leave-in conditioners to hydrate the hair and nourishing oils to condition the skin.

We even use a special lotion to lighten the hair on our faces, arms, tummies, lower backs, and thighs while outdoors. We love the look of golden peach fuzz – it makes us feel feminine and keeps the skin soft.” Try Klorane Sun Lightenin Spray with Chamomile and Honey ($18; sephora.com).

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