The Erdem for H&M Lookbook Has Arrived And We Want Everything

Fast fashion/high-end designer collabs are notoriously hit or miss, but judging by the looks of H&M x Erdem, it’s going to fall squarely in the former category.

The full lookbook, which dropped today, reveals that the collaboration has stayed true to Erdem’s signature feminine-with-an-edge aesthetic, with plenty of floral prints smattered on everything from tailored suits to slinky slip dresses. It’s part Victorian, part masculine, a bit Courtney Love in the ’90s, and – calling it now – it’s going to be worth waiting in line for.

“So much of the collection was actually quite personal and I found myself reflecting on how we dressed throughout high school,” Erdem Moralioglu told British Vogue. Influences include “Lara Flynn Boyle chain-smoking and drinking Coca-Cola in Twin Peaks,” “those big Norwegian jumpers my sister used to wear with a tea dress and army boots,” and “my father’s old coat that my mum used to wear in winter with a dress underneath, driving us to school.”

If, somehow, you weren’t in lust before, I don’t see how such vivid imagery wouldn’t push you over the edge into ‘shut up and take my money’ territory.

According to Moralioglu, the materials and craftsmanship used in the collection will surpass typical fast fashion standards. That’s good news for fashion fans who have grown tired of the poor quality and high prices associated with so many similar collaborations. After all, ambitious design can only compensate for so much, especially when prices approach what customers might pay for the genuine article on sale or at consignment stores.

“I hope that customers will feel the quality and the beauty of the garments. I was determined that Erdem x H&M should be as beautifully made as all of my collections, with the same attention to detail,” Moralioglu told Cosmopolitan. “I hope they will feel pleasure, and that the pieces will become part of their wardrobes for years to come.”

The collection also includes menswear, which means if you’ve ever fantasized about rocking coordinated outfits with the man in your life, well, now’s your time to shine (er, convince him of your vision). You’ve got until November 2 to decide which of the high-impact pieces, which range in price from $45 for a hair clip to $450 for a red carpet-worthy lace dress, you’re putting on your shopping list.

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