February 21, 2024

The algorithm of youth preservation

Advertising promises that properly selected cream can stop skin aging, regardless of age. Plastic surgeons of a different opinion. They offer radical methods, assuring that skin deformation and age-related changes can only be stopped by a surgical method, that is, simply cut off where there is excess, and add where there is not enough.

The author, whose age has been on the “slightly over 30” mark for ten years, decided to check whether there are miraculous cosmetic products capable of delaying surgical intervention.

I admit at once, I tried everything – from expensive creams to deep peelings and mesotherapy. Nevertheless, after the “refreshing”, as one of the girlfriends in the movie “Sex and the City” said well, the result was short-lived – for a while the skin became more youthful.

But the most important thing that did not lend itself to restraint was the face’s oval – the cheeks begin to sag with age, no matter how carefully you massaged them and did not lubricate them with special creams. Well, small wrinkles above the lips, especially after a sleepless night, can not be hidden at all. So what to do? Still lying under the knife? Or are there funds that are not yet known to the Russians?

The algorithm of youth preservation

Recently, being in India, I did not fail to use the services of local SPA-salons. Needless to say, in the Asian countries all these procedures are doing superbly. My favorite massages, when you are oiled from head to foot with oil, I was done with the use of extracts from green tea, something smelling delicious. While I was rubbed and smeared, I talked to the doctor that they were using miracle means.

And I was surprised that these oils were produced not from local products, but made in Italy, and that this is a huge series, including more than 70 preparations, starting from the serums for the face and ending with emulsions for the care of the feet. There is even a man’s series. I told the doctor that I had already begun to stab botox, because wrinkles remind me more of age. Garima laughed and said,that at the University in Delhi they were specially trained to work with Algodermia preparations, in which there is a special botoprogram replacing Botox injections. “They also say that you are advanced in Russia, but it turns out that you also have something to learn from us. ”

While I was in Kerala, I tried many creams, emulsions, masks from the Algodermia line. I liked the result. I began to look much younger. Back in Russia, I decided to find the treasured bottles with the Algodermia logo in Novosibirsk. Well, it can not be that we, in the capital of Siberia, did not have these proposals. To start, I went online and found out right away that the Algodermia brand is premium-class cosmetics combining proprietary facial and body care products that are effective both in spa programs and in traditional care programs.

It turns out that it has been known in the world for more than 30 years! I found a Moscow distributor and through him found out that this cosmetics appeared in Novosibirsk already last year.

The algorithm of youth preservation

I will not torment the reader – the representation of this firm is in our city. In the very center – at: ul. Lenin, 48 – and it is under this name. Svetlana Makarova not only told me about the company’s products, but also showed all the boxes and bottles that I was ready to consider endlessly. I asked what she uses herself, because she also “slightly” over 30. She found out that for her the basic thing is the use of the cream “Gidrocomfort”, it provides elasticity to the skin, is responsible for its hydration.

Emulsion AA is the perfect day cream for make-up, it not only looks after, but also nourishes the skin with the necessary ingredients. For the lips (here it is my problem), it turns out, there is a wonderful remedy – hydroplus, it brilliantly smoothes wrinkles. Well, with injections of Botox, I definitely hurried. The botoprogram is now available in Novosibirsk! Is it expensive? Svetlana laughed: “Well, everything is cheaper than you paid for injections! You could still wait, and save money! ”

And I also learned that Algodermia is the only company that creates its drugs, considering the morphology of a person. That is, they understand here that we are all different and have different temperaments, which means that all metabolic processes in the body take place depending on the activity of our nervous system. After all, how boring would it be if we were all just phlegmatic or only choleric. And if we are not the same, then the approach to each of us should be individual.

Those who work with cosmetics Algodermia, begin reception with the definition of our type of temperament. And depending on him, they select for us procedures for rejuvenating the body

By the way, I found out that these procedures are successfully done in the salon “Africa”, which is opposite TSUM, and in a number of others. But while there are not many of them. The history of Algodermia only begins in Novosibirsk.

And with the operation for facelift I still burden. It’s never too late to do it. Moreover, cosmetic means that can stop the withering of the skin, there is still. The main thing – you need to know about them in time!

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