July 24, 2024

What you need to eat in the morning to be healthy

A slimming woman, making an effort in the evening, can proudly say to her friends the next day that she “ate only grapefruit alone. ”So she performs the program of the famous saying “… and give the dinner to the enemy”.

According to the postulates of the first part of the breakfast at the breakfast you need to show the elements of greed and eat it yourself, but this item is very often broken: in haste or because of lack of appetite, and sometimes even for “ideological” reasons (more sleep – less for a day you eat) young ladies in the mornings do not eat.

Is this position justified, how important is the morning meal and what is fraught with the refusal of the morning meal, the correspondent of SE explained.

Morning is the most important part of the day to make up the body. According to the laws of proper nutrition at breakfast, a person should consume from one third to one half of his daily calorie intake. And it’s no accident: the greatest amount of energy is required in the first half of the day.

What you need to eat in the morning to be healthy

This is due to the maximum metabolic rate in this period. Lacking the prescribed nutrients, the body declares a silent boycott and operates in an “economical mode” with the appropriate capacity. On an empty stomach works well, as you know, only artists, and even then not all. In addition, by dinner, hunger will only increase – in the end you eat much more laid down and gain weight.

Morning inquiry

Our body, waking up, is waiting for reinforcements: during the night bile accumulates in the gallbladder, and all systems are set up to receive and digest food.

According to dieticians, the refusal of morning food – forced or voluntary – does not meet the needs of the body. Therefore, the gallbladder, stomach, pancreas are forced to change their activities, which eventually leads to their incorrect work.

With stagnation of the bile, its properties change, the walls of the gallbladder are constantly strained, and this increases the risk of inflammatory diseases, cholelithiasis and generally reduces the resource of these organs.

An important point is that the modern rhythm of life forces us to “get involved in work” even before its immediate beginning: getting to work is already a job, and the body needs energy for it. He will certainly take his own: he will use his supplies, working on wear and tear. In this case, you can not even feel hunger.

Without desire

Those who are always in a hurry, refusal of breakfast becomes a habit. Such people often then say: “I have no appetite in the morning,” and they quite sincerely believe that their refusal is reasoned, and therefore safe.

What you need to eat in the morning to be healthy

Meanwhile, lack of appetite is an alarming symptom for doctors: according to the doctor-nutrologist Nikolai Zhevachevsky, the lack of morning appetite suggests that the person has a high level of slagging of the body, and he does not have time to get rid of toxins (from 6 to 9 o’clock) .

A variety of tips in the spirit of “breakfast you need to earn” are based on the fact that the body supposedly needs time to “swing”, enter the rhythm, since it will be very difficult for him to deal with food. Therefore, it is recommended on an empty stomach to drink a glass of water, and with the meal to wait. The main expert of the Institute of Nutrition RAMS doctor Yakov Novoselov advises not to complicate life where one should not:

“The organism reacts to any stimulus in its entirety and as a whole. Therefore, if you, for example, have brushed your teeth in the morning, the body has already woken up, but this, of course, is not a reason to load the stomach with fried meat or other heavy food. ”

Is there anything?

The other extreme in the morning meal: there is something to be found in the refrigerator – according to the principle “everything will be fine in the morning, everything is allowed in the morning”. In fact, the rules of the morning breakfast are simple, but not frivolous: breakfast is traditionally allowed and even recommended to eat carbohydrates. Yakov Novoselov specifies: complex carbohydrates. That is, the view that you can use chocolate in the morning is incorrect.

But the gruel-like porridge is still in the favorites – it is absorbed for a long time and provides the body with energy. It is desirable, of course, porridge to eat without sugar and butter. Sweets in the morning – the result of a bad, usually coming from childhood food habits: they load the pancreas, increase the feeling of hunger for dinner, and this is fraught with weight gain.

Fruits and vegetables are also on the leader list: in addition to vitamins, in addition to cereals, they are a valuable source of complex carbohydrates.

Fans of muesli and cereals “from a bag” can be a little upset: dieticians dislike them – because of the high content of sugar, synthetic substances and preservatives.

What you need to eat in the morning to be healthy

For the same reason, other leaders of the morning marathon are not recommended – sausages and sausages, although these are not prohibited products.

In winter it is easy to freeze in Siberia, and this leaves an imprint on the diet as a whole, and for the morning in particular: it is necessary to consume animal proteins. If meat, poultry or fish for breakfast are heavy for you, use cottage cheese, milk, eggs. With the predominance of protein-fat metabolism, Siberians from these products can not be refused. But the abundance of bread in the form of sandwiches is absolutely undesirable.

So, the ideal breakfast consists of cereals – for a long inflow of energy, fruits – for saturation with vitamins and carbohydrates and dairy products – to produce animal protein. By the way, a cup of coffee is not only not harmful, but for breakfast it is even useful: after all, as mentioned above, problems with appetite occur in people because of general weakness and reduced tone.

Winter is the time to develop the habit of eating right in the morning. In summer, we do not need to warm up and spend additional energy, so the appetite can be minimal. In winter, on the contrary, women often complain of a brutal appetite – this is a direct tip to the fact that the diet is unbalanced and there is not enough energy. Spend a little effort on the development of a new food habit, simultaneously gaining well-being and health!

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