June 13, 2024

Red lipstick remains relevant and suitable for everyone – you just need to choose the right shade

Declared the main hit of last season, scarlet lipstick does not give up this spring. And thanks to the craze for retro style, the blood-red lips will flash for a long time here and there …

The moist effect, sparkles on the lips – all this comes and goes. And the eternal option – red lipstick in a classic case – remains. It’s the same fetish as high-heeled shoes, a small black dress or a long mouthpiece. In the twentieth century, red lipstick had time to visit and a magic wand that turned ordinary starlets into great cinemas, and a symbol of an unabashed sexual challenge, and the main thing in the makeup of any woman, and even a way to make a political statement …

Even at the beginning of the twentieth century, a bright make-up and respectable woman were incompatible. In the 1910s, the suffragettes, who fought for the civil rights of the fair sex, began to apply a scarlet smear to their lips as a symbol of emancipation and emancipation of women. In this decade, and invented the usual lipstick of a classical form, “wriggling” from the case. Closer to the 1920s, Ted Bar’s star of silent films received the nickname Vamp (short for “vampire”).

This name goes to her numerous followers, who copied the image of Teda – that is, densely bringing the eyes black, and the lips – blood-red. This combination of red and black is still the classic of vamp makeup. However, they say, there were misunderstandings. After all, saturated red lips with a contrasting black and white photography acquire a charcoal color.

In the 1920s, the mass market of cosmetics was developing in the United States, and lipstick – of course, red – became an indispensable attribute of a fashionable woman. The whole first half of the twentieth century was marked by a red lipstick. The powerful dictatorship of red was destroyed only in the 1960s – hippy multicolor and fashion on pale lips. So if you chose your personal icon of style for the actress of that era, when the film stars had the present – now, it seems, already lost – a halo of glamor, then you can not do without a small black case in your purse …

Today, classical red lipstick has influential supporters – singer Gwen Stefanie, film stars Renata Litvinova and Scarlett Johansson. By the way, the last two beauties successfully refute the common misconception: “I can not use red lipstick, because I have too narrow (or too plump) lips. ”And the world gurus of vizazha seductively whisper that red lipstick goes … to everyone, absolutely everything. You just need to choose the right shade. And the game is worth the candle – the red lipstick of a successful shade visually “whitens” the skin and teeth, creating the effect of a porcelain pupa.

Paul Innis, Clinique make-up artist, recommends bright tomato-red shades – for very light skin, red-lilac and crimson – for moderately light, cranberry and wine – for swarty.

You need to consider the shade of the skin. If he gravitates to pink, you need “cool” tones of lipstick with a bluish or pinkish tinge. Owners of peach or golden skin need “warm” shades of red, tending to orange. Lipstick with a brownish tinge is the least difficult to handle – it goes to most people. As for the “real”, frankly red lipstick, with no discernible shades, it will best look at a light, pinkish-tinged skin.

If you doubt, the make-up artist of the salon “Kino” Hope Chernenko advises to do what we so often forget in the store, rubbing the lipstick from the testers in the pads of the fingers.

“You can just bring lipstick to your face and look at your skin. If the complexion in combination with lipstick does not seem earthy – this is your lipstick. ”

It is necessary to take into account the shade of the teeth – if the enamel has a yellowish tinge, you need to abandon the lipsticks that gravitate toward the orange.

Is red lipstick really important?

“Red lipstick is rather an evening variant,” says Nadezhda Chernenko from the salon KiNO. “But if it’s an element of a personal, individual style, like Renata Litvinova, it’s acceptable in the daytime. ” “If everything is done correctly, in the daytime you will look even more spectacular,” confirms Tatyana Zhiltsova, the make-up artist of the Kamian Alban salon. – You can combine red lipstick with red accessories, and you can leave the only bright spot. ”

So, today, red lipstick does not require either the evening time of the day, or the appearance of a light, nor a red convertible. Nevertheless, she dictates her own rules and the main one is impeccable make-up. A decent background for scarlet lips can only become smooth skin and an ideal tone on the face, a worthy base – immaculately groomed lips. On the weather-beaten, scaly lips, red lipstick will only emphasize shortcomings. Here it can be noted that full-fledged lip care means not only moisturizing and protection, but also exfoliation. Peeling should be done very carefully – the delicate skin of the lips is easily traumatized. It is best to use special scrubs for the skin of the lips, which are, for example, in Oriflame and Kenzo. You can do without them: massage your lips with a toothbrush with soft bristles for 30 seconds. After exfoliation, you need to grease your lips with balm.

If you use red lipstick, the blush should be barely noticeable (unless under the “cinematic divas of the past” and “stylish retro-image” you mean Marfush from “Morozko”). The eyes also do not have to compete with the lips – it’s best to forget about the black pencil and go straight to the mascara. Visagiste salon “Kamiy Alban” Tatyana Zhiltsova recommends this season to combine red lipstick with natural – beige, caramel, milk – a palette of shadows.

How to apply a red lipstick neatly?

• Apply a masking or light foundation to the lips
• Lightly powder the lips

• Gently stroke the lips with a contour pencil (maximum darker than lipstick). Red lipstick – not the best material for experiments with lip form correction – it is better to follow the natural contour.
• Apply lipstick

If you do not like using a contour pencil, you can try another option.

• Before applying, draw your lips with a flesh colored contour.
• Apply a lipstick with a brush.
• Blot the lips with a tissue.
• Add a little more lipstick to the center of the lips.

Classic canons require combining red lipstick with a red nail polish. But … who in our eclectic time unquestioningly follows the rules of the times of our grandmothers? Almost the perfect companion of scarlet lipstick makeup artists call the French manicure. But, if you made a choice in favor of carnivorous red nails, the varnish should have been matched to the tone for lipstick (in other words, they should be from the same cosmetic line).

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