July 22, 2024

Successfully matched and applied tonal – 50% of successful makeup

Marble, ivory – in these epithets praises perfectly smooth, striking imagination of purity of color and as if shining from within the skin of a woman’s face. It has no flaws, specks, irregularities, its color is fresh and delicate.

In ancient times, women used chalky powders to achieve this effect, in the last century they resorted to the oily foundation of the only brand “Ballet”, suitable more for the theatrical makeup than for everyday make-up. Today, in the ladies’ arsenal, you can find many tools that create the effect of an ideal skin. She learned about how to choose and use them.

“Correctly selected and imposed tone – 50% of successful make-up,” – sure Victoria Panafidina, stylist-make-up artist of the studio “Uniton-style. ” But many refuse to use the tone to preserve the naturalness, do not overload the face, do not create a mask effect.

Fears are in vain: now there are a lot of different in consistency and masking ability of the means. In addition, if it was previously thought that the creams and powders dry skin, clog pores, its age the then modern means of contrast, the complexes contain wetting agents, extracts of aloe vera, chamomile, marigold, retarding the aging process of hyaluronic acid.

Plus, this foundation provides a protective effect, especially in cold weather, and the powder absorbs excess fat. Correctly matched to the type of skin and shade tone agent imperceptibly creates the impression of a healthy,

Types of products The

tonal creamhas an excellent masking ability. It is suitable for dry skin, and for normal and combined requires powder. It is applied by pads of fingers.

Tonal cream, Sisley – 2770 rub.
Tonal cream, HR – 1120 rub.
Tonal cream, L’Oreal – 590 rub.

Tone lotion, foam, spray, mousse– lighter than cream, tools, suitable for combination, normal and oily skin, look more natural, but less than the mask, answering most of the complexion. Apply by fingers and sponge.

Tonal mousse, Lancome-1480 rub.
Toned spray, Isador – 600 rub.

Tonal cream powder- a combination of foundation and powder. Well masks, does not require dusting. Apply by a dry or wet sponge. “It is not recommended for age-related skin, wrinkles and enlarged pores, as it emphasizes them,” advises Victoria Panafidina.

Cream powder, Cliniqué – 969 rub.
Cream-powder, Isadora – 600 rub.

Successfully matched and applied tonal - 50% of successful makeup

Bronzate, a tonal day cream, gives an easy tinting effect, does not mask, but even the color. It is designed for easy make-up, ideal for oily and combination skin. “The action of bronzates is difficult to predict, because they do not work at the level of toning, but on the pigment,” warns Victoria. “If the skin is uneven, there are, for example, freckles, pigment spots, even those that are not noticeable, they can suddenly stand out and become darker, so using bronzates is better with perfectly even skin. ”

Bronzat, Dior – 1450 rub.
Bronzate, Maybelline – 350 rub.

Toned powderIt is applied to both day cream and tonal to smooth the color, fixing the tone and making it dull. Suitable for all types of skin, except for very dry. There are two types – friable and compact powder. The first is usually used in the making of make-up and is most often used by professionals. The second is suitable for individual, home make-up, as well as for adjustments during the day.

Powder, Dior – 1400 rub.
Powder, L’Oreal – 400 rub.

Base for make-up- dense in consistency, strongly masking means. Recommended for professional use when creating evening make-up or make-up for filming. Initially, they were used only in professional make-up, but now they are adapted for the day. “Base moisturizes the skin, giving it a fresh look, a healthy complexion and well corrects – says stylist, makeup artist studio” Comme il faut “Anastasia Kataurova. – For example, if you want to lighten the rough tan, use purple make-up means, redness clear a green and white base makes the skin glow. Top cream and powder are applied from above. In the afternoon instead of powder, not to overload the face, it is better to use matting napkins. ”

Basis, Shiseido, 1410 rub.
Basis, Isadora, 600 rub.

Successfully matched and applied tonal - 50% of successful makeup

How to deal with problem skin?

With acne, irritation, inflammation, allergy, there is a natural desire to disguise unpleasant objects. But it’s better to fight them, not hide them. Maximum, than it is possible to use during treatment, – an easy powder, it is desirable colorless, – Victoria Panafidina speaks. –

Apply oily foundation with acne is categorically prohibited.

In general, with any disease, even not dermal, for example, with the flu, it is better not to use makeup. Because the skin is actively excreted slag, the tone on it does not hold, but rolls down, “peels off. ”

How to choose a tone?

“It is very important when choosing the tone to consider the color of the neck and hands,” warns Victoria. – Usually the skin of the face is darker than on the rest of the body, especially until the natural summer tan came off. And if you focus only on the shade of the skin of the face, then against the background of the light neck and the hands that look out of the sweater, it will look more than unnatural. ” Therefore, using the tone, you need to smoothly translate it to the color of the neck and décolleté, shading the border.

At the same time, choosing a shade, trying the tone on the hand, following the old tradition, it is better not to go – go to the cosmetic store with a clean face and put a stroke directly on the skin of the cheek. And to assess the effect, go out into the daylight, it transmits colors as adequately as possible. “The perfectly matched tone merges with the color of the skin,” Anastasia is sure. – It is especially important to take into account the area of ​​the cheekbones – there the skin color most corresponds to the natural. The second factor is absorbency: the ideal agent is evenly shaded and penetrates the skin, does not leave stains and divorces. ”

How to apply?

Before applying tonal funds, you need to use a daytime moisturizer, after which, after waiting 10-15 minutes, proceed to toning, otherwise the tone “floats”.

To apply tonal remedy (if the color is chosen correctly) on the neck is not necessary, the main thing – to shade the border. But on the line of growth of hair and eyebrows to pay attention.

First, there is also a noticeable border color transition, and secondly, usually the cream there accumulates, which, you see, looks untidy.

Tone is applied from the center of the face to the edges. Than? “Someone is more comfortable using a sponge, someone – a brush, someone – fingers,” explains Anastasia Kataurova. – I prefer to work with creams fingers – the natural warmth of the hands helps to distribute the cream harmoniously, smoothly, without divorce and accumulation. ”When using sponge, do not forget to regularly change it or wash it with shampoo.

Sometimes, to find the right tone, you have to mix a few colors. But it’s worth it – a radiant, fresh, perfect look will be your reward. Marble skin!

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