I used Pixi’s Glow Peel Pads on my bacne and they totally worked

Glow Peel Pads, £24 (60 pads), Pixi. Pixi’s Glow Tonic is a cult product for gloriously good skin. But when I spoke to Pixi’s Global Artistic Director, Amanda Bell, about my bacne, she highly recommended the Peel Pads. She was incredibly convincing and I was excited to see if this would be ‘the cure’.

Samantha, Deputy Beauty Editor


I’ve never really suffered from facial acne, but my back is prone to breakouts. The spots aren’t overly visible, just slightly pink and raised, but it’s the feel of them that bugs me the most. They appear more when I exercise a lot (and wear a sports crop top) or when I use fake tan.


Fast-working. Doesn’t everyone want their spots to disappear overnight? I’d much rather a targeted acne treatment product than having to swap something I love out of my routine. I usually just extend the use of my facial cleanser to my back to try and rid the spots.


My bacne was the worst it had been in a while. I was tanning non-stop, exercising regularly and the weather was abnormally humid, meaning loads more sweat (do you find me attractive yet?), so it wasn’t really a surprise I had a back scattered with spots.

The spots mostly pop up a few centimetres from the nape of my neck, spreading wide to my shoulders but luckily not very low. I can reach most of it with my hands, which is excellent for treatment, but horrible because I can feel how bumpy and bad it is.

Pixi’s Glow Peel Pads are packaged pre-soaked, which makes them pretty convenient to use. All I had to do was pick one up, reach over my shoulder and swipe. You’re then meant to leave it for 2-3 minutes before rinsing off, so when I first started to use them, I would mostly apply pre-shower.

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I experienced a slight tingly sensation the first time I tried them, but these days they feel like nothing. Cheekily, I’ll sometimes even just use them before bed and not rinse off (BURN, SPOTS, BURN… kidding, not really).

Despite me saying the word burn (sorry), you shouldn’t let the word ‘peel’ put you off. The main thing these pads are doing is using glycolic acid to chemically exfoliate the skin, and like I said, it should be painless. And if reading about my bumps are reminding you of yours, an intense exfoliation could be exactly what your back needs.

For me, these pads have been an extremely convenient way to battle bad bacne breakouts. As soon as I feel them coming on hard and fast, I swipe these pads across my back (one is plenty for the area) and by the morning, I can already feel the spots are less raised and on their way out.


The pads really do have an immediate effect and work on my type of spots. I can’t say they would work the same on big, angry, red breakouts, but for my under-the-skin and raised bumps, they do the job and do it fast.

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