June 22, 2024

I tried the rose scalp scrub the Kardashians swear by, here’s what happened…

Well, firstly this bad boy was conjured up by Jen Atkin. Not familiar? It’s time to get acquainted. OUAI Scalp And Body Scrub, £32

If you follow Kim, Khloe, Kourtney Kardashian, Katy Perry, Jessica Alba, and Jennifer Lopez on Instagram, you’ll be familiar with Jen without even realising it.

The hairdresser, who was dubbed “The Most Influential Hairstylist in the World” by the New York Times, is the woman every major celebrity has on speed dial. Oh, and she just so happens to be GLAMOUR’s new columnist so it’s safe to say she knows a hell of a lot about hair.

Jen also managed to find the time to found her very own haircare line, OUAI in 2016. The digital-savvy brand was created to save women time with its multi-use products and supplements that work hand-in-hand to help women achieve hair health from the inside and out.

I tried the rose scalp scrub the Kardashians swear by, here's what happened. . .

The latest launch from her line is the Scalp And Body Scrub.

Jen says that this deep-cleansing, foaming scrub is like a trip to rehab for your scalp and skin. It’s a weekly detox powered by gently exfoliating sugar crystals (fancy) to cleanse and soften skin and a dose of probiotics to leave your skin’s natural defenses on high alert. Into it.

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Bianca London, Website Editor


My hair is absolutely frazzled from too many trips to the hairdressers and in all honesty, I put zero thought into the shampoo and conditioner I use. Plus, I’m pretty sure there’s a hefty build-up of product in there somewhere (yuck).


Itchy scalps may not be the most glamorous of beauty topics but more and more women are struggling with flaky, irritated heads and, thankfully, brands other than Head Shoulders are catching on.

The Scalp Body Scrub is designed to be used weekly to give you velvety, glowing skin and a clean, healthy scalp free of product build-up and pesky flakes.

The scrub promises to unclog and condition while increasing microcirculation thanks to sweet, dissolvable sugar; strengthen your natural biological defenses against bad bacteria with the help of a probiotic blend; and moisturise your skin, scalp, and strands with fatty acids-rich coconut oil.

Firstly, it smells like a bouquet of roses and is absolutely delicious. I sectioned my wet hair after shampooing it and massaged the scrub into my scalp in circular motions. Getting the scrub right into the roots was no mean feat but persevere because it’s worth it. Make sure you rinse it all out super thoroughly for the swishiest hair of your life.

My scalp felt super cleansed and it actually lifted my highlights, giving my hair a healthy bounce.

The real magic happened when I slathered it on my skin. It gently buffed away lurking fake tan remnants and gave my skin a much-needed healthy glow. I’m just gutted it didn’t miraculously turn me into Kim Kardashian.


I’m going to be making this guy a weekly fixture in my hair and bodycare regime. I can totally see why the Kardashians are more dependent on this woman than their phones.

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