If you believe the best samples of erotic products, ideal sex should be passionate and impetuous on hot sand or, conversely, gentle and long – but already in bed. 

Unfortunately, with a hot southern passion in Siberia, it is intense, because all sexual exploits are moved to the marital bed with a promise, that already here – the longer sex, the better. From this stereotype suffer those couples in which sex is limited by one feature – too fast “finale” of a man. Is the length of sex so important and what to do if you still want to prolong the pleasure, the correspondent of SHE learned.

Four reasons why a man gets satisfaction in sex ahead of time

Help: Premature ejaculation – too rapid onset of the peak of sexual arousal (ejaculation), sometimes even before the onset of sexual intercourse.

The time during which a man is able to perform sexual intercourse, as individually, as growth, the color of the eyes, hair or socks of a single man. Nevertheless, it is believed that every man at least once in life faced with embarrassment “too fast”, and every fourth knows about the problem firsthand. However, the reasons for which a man suffers a quick fiasco in bed, can be different. Let’s consider the basic.

Reason 1. A young passionate lover

The most obvious reason is age. Youthful hypersexuality, as is known, has two sides. In addition to the obvious advantages, fervent young men can easily get overexcited and finish too quickly. “The age of 25-26 years is a period when young people are easily aroused, but at the same time this leads to a shortening of the sexual intercourse,” Tatyana Chernyakova, a sexologist at the clinic Avanta-honey, recalls.

What to do?If the “problem” of your man – in his youth, experts recommend enjoying the charms of age and calmly wait. As you know, with age, men settle down and become sturdier in all senses. It is also useful to give preference to barrier contraception and use a variety of lubricants and anesthetic sprays – they are just for those cases where you need to reduce sensitivity. In addition, each man can learn the methods of prolonging sexual intercourse – for example, change the rhythm or think before the finale of the annual report.

Cause 2. Everywhere Ears

Fast sex, however, can become a regular phenomenon – especially often it occurs in couples who are forced to live with their parents or in other cramped conditions. The feeling that you can be heard, caught or disturbed, can provoke a constant sense of danger, accordingly, sex becomes fast, as well as orgasm. Unfortunately, only male. A similar situation can arise if the spouses have grown up children who push hard at the door with suspicious sounds.

What to do?Igor Lyakh points out that in such a situation it is important to take a critical attitude: if a couple understands that the problem is not in them, but in the circumstances, neuroticism on this matter does not occur and the very concept of the problem does not develop. Also, the sexologist strongly recommends that a couple have a sexual weekend: to retire for the weekend and get round the clock access to each other’s body so as not to tie the sex to the moment when “he sleeps” or “they went to the theater.”

Cause 3. Rarely, but aptly

Finally, too fast sex can happen in an absolutely healthy adult male with his living space, but with an irregular sexual life. “The longer the period of abstinence – the shorter it is after sexual intercourse,” – says Tatyana Chernyakova. Igor Lyakh notes that most men are aware of this feature and do not attach importance to it. But women are less patient and upset after the first failure.

What to do?First, never judge by the first attempt. Even the first pancake turns out to be a lump, with regard to sex, this is sometimes forgotten. To alleviate the fate of the man (he is already experiencing it), ask him to spend more time preliminarily caressing. Firstly, it allows you to prepare a woman for penetration (not a person living alone), secondly, give confidence to a man, finally, relax both. If the first attempt was crowned with a swift end, it is useful to repeat the “procedure” after some time on the same day – this will not allow failure to gain a foothold. This is not the case when the first chance is the last one.

Reason 4. The Women’s Question

Finally, very often the problem lies in the substitution of concepts. “The concept of the norm in sexology is very conditional, but the doctor must start from something, therefore the conditional norm for sexual intercourse is from 2 to 5 minutes,” says Tatyana Chernyakova, a sexologist at the medical center “Avanta-honey”, pointing out that most often in this interval the man is fit. But women often explain their dissatisfaction with the fact that everything happened “too fast”, or they consider the problem of an early ejaculation to be exclusively a masculine fault.

What to do?“Very often, too short a sexual act for a woman is just an excuse to blame a man for not provoking her enough,” says Igor Lyah, advising that before declaring a man “insolvent in sex”, find out – what exactly are you in it not satisfied. In addition, notes the sexologist, it is important to remember that not every cycle of the cycle a woman can reach orgasm and chase him, too, is not always the case.

Finally, Tatyana Chernyakova cites as an example the study of American sexologists Masters and Johnson, in which they revealed “Regularity 5-20”. The essence of it is that, under certain conditions, a woman needs an intercourse with a duration of 20 seconds and a man with a penis length of at least 5 centimeters in order to achieve orgasm. These conditions are: ability to orgasm in general, sympathy for a partner, psychological harmony in a couple and the desire to have sex with this man here and now.

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