February 21, 2024

Fashion accessory has found a new shape to protect the eyes from ultraviolet light

The times when one sunglasses were bought for several seasons, has long been in the past. Today glasses, one of the most important accessories, should be several: they are picked up to clothes by color and shape, in the city they are alone, on vacation – others.

But not only the appearance of glasses worries the modern young lady, on the agenda is protection from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation.

On how to choose sunglasses, given health and aesthetics, and will be discussed in the article.

Fashionable forms

When last year everyone started to wear huge glasses in a bright plastic frame, it was possible to speak boldly about changing trends. This year, this sharp transition of trends is not observed. “By and large, there have been no big changes since last year.

A large volume is still relevant, retro style is popular: for example, inspired by the images of Audrey Hepburn and Jacqueline Kennedy.

Everything is also on the wave of large stones on temples, brand logos and an unchanging sporting style with its streamlined shapes and ease of wearing, “says TN. Murzina, director of the salon of optics “Tamara”

However, there are some changes: “Major points this season – this is not huge masks or flaps on the face.

Glasses have acquired organic, streamlined shapes of the necessary size in order to protect the eyes from the negative effects of sunlight, so that the skin around the eyes is not burned.

And, finally, to make the glasses comfortable to wear on the face, – says Irina Popelkova, director of the optical interior of Vision Express. – As well as last year, the form “aviator”, in a metal and plastic frame is popular. As for color, the “Bordeaux” is still relevant, matte green, beige and white were added to it. The color palette of fashion trends in clothes dictates the choice of glasses. ”

With the fact that the choice is very wide and diverse, consultants of the optics salon “Enjoy” agree: “There is no strong dictate of fashion. Yes, large frames are still relevant, but this does not mean that those to whom this form does not go can not choose something suitable: there are drop-shaped forms, and classics, plastic frames and metal. In general, it’s fashionable what goes to you. “

The price in the optical salons of the city: points from last year’s collection can be bought, having 1000 rubles available. New collection: 2-4 thousand brands of the middle segment, from 4 to 10 000 and higher – premium brands.

How to protect the eyes?

Today, for no one will become a revelation that the main function of sunglasses is not decorative, but protective. This is the focus of manufacturers, creating new collections and using new materials. By the way, replacing glass with plastic is no longer considered a bad form. Which is quite logical: large glasses with glass to wear just hard. “The emphasis is now on polymeric materials, glass is gradually moving back into the past – modern plastic quality characteristics are the same as those of glass, and trauma danger is lower. In addition, plastic is easier to graduate, decorate.

The only drawback is that it scrapes faster, but now this problem is solved too – metallized, varnished coatings. At the exhibitions they arrange demonstrative experiments – they beat on plastic points with a hammer, scratch with nails – and they remain unscathed “, – says Т. N. Murzin,

Two of the most important factors that need to be considered when choosing glasses (except for the aesthetic, which is later) are light transmission and protection from ultraviolet radiation.

Light transmittance can be different: from 60% for urban glasses, up to 10-18% for beach. Protection from ultraviolet radiation is at least 95%, but it is desirable that the lens is still 100% UV Protection. All this information is described in detail in the passport, which necessarily accompanies the company’s glasses.

Of course, to the points sold from the tray, the certificate does not come to mind. In the event that you prefer to buy glasses not in optical salons, remember the following. If the plastic of cheap glasses is simply painted in a dark color, then the eye, covered with such lenses, is deceived by the lack of direct sunlight and instead of blinking and narrowing the pupil, behaves as if nothing had happened and receives a dose of ultraviolet. Than it is dangerous?

“Ultraviolet influences both the retina, the lens, and the mucous membrane. The lens can become confused – this is one of the types of cataracts, and the retina is inflamed, “says Vision Express, the ophthalmologist, EB. Aksenova.

However, even bought in the subway passage sunglasses can be checked for quality – in any cabin there is for this purpose a special device that determines the light transmission and the degree of protection from UV. The cost of the examination is on average 50 rubles.

How to choose glasses to face?

Let’s return to aesthetics. It’s no secret that with the help of sunglasses you can make the natural outlines of the face more attractive, the main thing is to pick them up to your type. Too high and wide forehead can be corrected with glasses in a bright frame, sitting high on the bridge of the nose. A large nose requires a large frame with a low set nose. Too small or snub nose is corrected by a high jumper raised above the bridge of the nose.

Willed chin softened by a thin frame. Chubby will go frames wide, angular, with a width prevailing over the height. If the triangle of the face is bottomed, then the frame should be manly, rough, to balance the disproportion. If the triangle is upside down, something light, with halves of rims or without them at all, will do. For oval, elongated faces fit any unusual shape:

However, according to the observations of the consultants, often people, having measured the frames suitable for their type, suddenly discover that they are decorated not by those recommended by specialists. After all, creating an image in which glasses play an important role, the thing is too thin and individual. So try on and check!

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