May 29, 2024

Romance with a married: two sides of the same coin

Theoretically, all women can be divided into two categories: the first believe that it is impossible to meet with a married man, and the second believe that if you really want, you can.

I want to note that, having married, the ladies from the second category will instantly move to the first and become furious defenders of the institution of marriage and family. In the meantime, this is not so, you can just chat with a married friend. Just chatting – nothing more.

Only 5% of cases a man remains with his mistress after leaving the family

Female look

As a rule, rapprochement occurs gradually. You will know each other, communicate, in your head periodically there are timid memories of the unfortunate who have contacted the married. You shut your mouth to your subconscious and annoying friends, believing that everything is under control, and deep down hoping that you will have something completely different. Although sometimes you start thinking with cliches, they say, you can not find a normal guy in the daytime with fire – everyone has already been dismantled.

As you approach, details of the personal life of your as yet interlocutor are revealed. In such cases, the wife is at least disliked (the love has passed, the habit has remained, they sleep altogether separately, and they live because of the children), and if the man belongs to the breed of talkers-mourners, then you will learn in detail how life eats love (and then, now he has already begun to doubt, but whether it was love), as a woman after years ceases to follow and turns into a chainsaw, and so on.

You, being a kind of experienced, heartily sympathize with your wife, poke your tongue, shake your head and even give advice. Spitting a dirty trick on you from his family hut, he will calmly go home – after all, children there are waiting for him (it’s a shame that you can not stay with you, because you are the only person close to him). You, of course, condemn your wife – how can you not appreciate such an intelligent, subtle, emotional person? You and the head does not come, as things stand in fact. But you will find out about this later.

When? When you get tired of playing hide-and-seek, when you get bored of solitude on weekends, questions of relatives and disappointing predictions of your friends. It turns out that the family life of your hard-to-get elected is not so bad, or he agrees to endure the wife for the sake of children. But you – well, he did not promise you anything …

Statistics on extramarital affairs are impressive – 60% of married Russians change their wives. At the same time, 13% of marriages fall apart because of the infidelity of the spouses.

A Male Look

Many men look at the adultery problem differently. There are moralists who allow themselves only “men’s magazines”, and on the side – no-no. There are cynics who go to the left, calling it “sexual first aid” – they can not resist temptations, but they also consider themselves moralists, because they do not leave the family. Separate attention is worthy of the category of men who believe that a married lover is much more profitable than an idle lover.

From their point of view, the wife has undeniable advantages:

1. The probability of catching an STD is less. Men themselves say that they are more careful about their health, becausedo not want trouble with his wife. Bachelors are responsible only for themselves, so they can reward some “muck”.

2. Married men are not so choosy. This for the bachelors has a huge choice and a lot of time – the “ringed” time to spare, and a fiery look thrown by a lady in a mini, will cause a brighter reaction.

3. The number of meetings is limited. At home you can relax, walk around in a torn shirt and pick it up with a match in your ear. To the mistress are at full parade, in the whole vest and with clean ears.

Nevertheless, some women who do not plan to create a family in the near future (in any case, they say so) purposefully search for not married and not divorced, namely married men, in order to use all the above-mentioned delights in full. As for the divorced, at the NSA forum during the discussion on this topic, one of the men reported literally the following:“I divorced – it turns out that a divorce is not needed in FIG. I say that he is married – women themselves go to bed. As soon as I say that I am divorced, they immediately begin to check the financial state. And in bed in any way, all have urgently critical days, cured only by a tour of Europe “(alexey2001,” Raging Acquaintance “).

And married men are more concerned about their health. Probably, under the influence of their caring lawful spouse. According to the results of medical research, they are 1. 7 times more active physically, eat regularly and have significantly less smoking. However, British cardiologists found that in 75% of cases sudden death during sexual contacts overtook those who were in extramarital relationships. In addition, the risk of a heart attack during extramarital sex is further enhanced if there is a significant age difference between sexual partners(Inopressa).

Psychologists believe that the reasons for romances with married men are not only in the wrong arrangement of priorities, but also in the pressure of society – a “normal” woman, in the opinion of society, should be in a heterosexual couple.

Therefore, many women, especially those who are engaged in a career, achieve their goal in their own way. On average, such novels last about two years. Those who decide to do away with inferior relationships are helped by accumulated anger and resentment. However, statistics are merciless even to those who managed to lead a man out of the family – such relationships remain viable only in 5% of cases.

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