June 21, 2024

Giantomania of the marsupials

Bags – certainly, the most important accessory of the coming season. Gwen Stefani, the soloist of No Doubt, who not only sings, but also sews LAMB clothes, said in an interview with Vogue that she is opening a bag-making line: “Now everyone is crazy about bags! ”. And she is right – if in image advertising in the past “Gloss” look focused on shoes or dresses, now the focus of the bag.

Fashion bags become the most important part of the female image

Although, perhaps, they just can not be missed – because the most fashionable bags in this season are not just big, but very large. XXXL, King size, “I carry everything with me”, “bags for housewives” – as soon as they are called.

This fashion has so strongly captured the female half of humanity, that doctors already recommend not to carry trunks daily, so as not to earn curvature of the spine.


In fashion, leather. It is advisable to have pythons or crocodiles. And if not theirs, then certainly matte, “clasped”, perforated. Although, if you want, you can and “metallic. ” Popular models of textile or synthetic cosmic, steel shades (Fig. 1).


Of particular note are silver, sand, brick, brown, blue – indigo and electric, and white (Fig. 2). Red is still in fashion, although you should always have a red handbag, as well as a black lacquer – despite the fact that this season the last few have lost their positions: they can be seen only in Chloé in new collections. The novelty of the season – the color of “mushrooms” or “morels” – a mixture of beige tones with brownish-gray (Fig. 3).

The form

The trapezoid in all variants is elongated upwards or broad at the base, with rounded corners, strapped like a sack, or fastened with a buckle. The main thing is geometry, volume and functionality. Welcome rivets, large metal buckles, belts. Handles – round, small – in no case straps, firm.


In this season, half-measures are not in favor – either XXXL, or XXXS. Tiny handbags, came into use as “clutches” – from ang. clutch – grab (Figure 4, 5). An excellent alternative to the baulam – after all, the bag becomes an accessory to the dress, not a storage room.


Legendary bags named after female legends – Kelly, Birckin from Hermes, Novak from McQueen, which by and large are not out of fashion ever, this season are especially relevant precisely because of their impressive sizes. And the scandal of the podiums from Louis Vuitton (Fig. 6) is a bag of a Turkish shuttle, although not made from polyethylene fibers, but made of the highest class of leather, despite the cosmic cost, the must-have for the bravest women of fashion.

What can I buy in Novosibirsk?

In “Askania” bags are offered Italian and local – sewing firm “Salome”. Among the Italian – a good model of the Byblos Baul of white color from the leather jacket with large pockets and straps for 3800 rubles. Funny option – a bag made in Novosibirsk made from a python skin substitute, large, smooth, high trapezium with hard handles for 580 rubles – from afar it looks quite acceptable.

In the Gift Gallery Dar in the “Festival” a large selection of Italian bags for 5-6 thousand rubles. For example, a piece of Russian-Italian production made from brown suede with a fringe very similar to that advertised by Prada (Fig. 7) costs 4,800 rubles.

In the Mango sale, and it is here that the whole sea of ​​miniature handbags and “clutch” made of velvet, silk, leather, lacquered leather, in the form of pencil cases, purses for small items, with handles and without – for 380-990 rubles.

“Snow Queen” brought a new collection of Italian bags Palio and most of them in the trend: a huge leather sandbag, matte, without pockets, with small soft round handles, beige with rounded corners and large straps, suede bags of different shades of “mushroom” Each will cost 3800 rubles. There is an amusing fur clutch for 450 rubles and cowboy leather for 1900.

In the Beatrice salon in the “Bonanza” a good selection of red bags from 2900 to 3500 rubles, straight and trapezoid, with soft and hard red pens. Baul Lolli pop from canvas khaki with a gold edging for 2300 rubles will make it look bright and stylish in the spring.

Bags that are very similar to those advertised by Louis Vuitton, stand on most of the selling ranks in the open air of about 50 rubles. Who will take the risk?

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