The rules for choosing pantyhose – by skin color, price and position

Once the awareness of a woman was happening somewhere between hateful ever-slipping pantyhose “in rubber” and exhilarating adult pantyhose “with Lycra.” Now – with the freedom of choice – his charm was found even in those “in rubber”.

But, despite the abundance, with the bipedal object of the toilet everything is not easy: after rummaging in the far corner of the cabinet, where unsuccessful purchases are in perpetual exile, you are most likely to find that most of them are pantyhose.

Some irritate the shade, others – shine, the third – do not fit. With the help of stylists, the correspondent of SHE found out how to select pantyhose so that in the middle of the day one should not suffer from doubts about one’s own taste and moral appearance.

Thin business

The reserve of the former strict rules about the lady’s fit is the business dress code. “Drawing – absolutely not. Definitely – thin body tights, repeating the skin tone, – commented the image-maker Irina Lorak. – The main problem I see is the choice of shade, which few people pay the necessary attention. You can not wear white skin tights of tan, and with swarthy – light pantyhose with a grayish tinge.

As for the quality, then all the same the ladies wear thin stockings. You can say this: a top manager – 15 den, a middle manager – 20 den. “

In the list of things that even in economy mode are recommended to be not cheap (not less than 200-250 rubles.), Those same thin body pantyhose usually go right after the shoes. “Cheap tights at once it is visible: they do not stretch, do not hold the form, rough weaving”, – the stylist-shopper Elena Vijman warns. “Cheap tights have a peculiar smell, and, believe me, it is felt,” adds Irina Lorak.

The paradoxical phenomenon of “mesh” (girls wear them to add a little sexuality to strict clothing, and many men in the meantime hate them pohlesche anecdotal curlers) is still amicably condemned by stylists: they do not belong in the office.

As a legitimate way to add a bit of sexuality to the careerist’s uniform, Irina Lorak offers stockings with a rubber band that is slightly outlined under the thin fabric of the skirt.

Anatomical details

“Black transparent pantyhose in a strict business style is inappropriate, although we, of course, love them. It’s rather glam casual, – continues Irina Lorak. – It is good for small women to use them to create a single pulling color line: dark shoes, pantyhose – a lighter tone, a lighter skirt is on the tone, then a blouse is lighter in tone.

The main mistake with dark pantyhose is when they are bought, wanting to build, but do not fulfill the rule “shoes are darker on tone”, as a result, the leg is shortened. ” Severe nature infrequently gives model legs, and “dark hudit, light full” – only the first commandment when buying tights. “Strictly speaking, any drawing, any catchy solution implies perfect legs. The same stockings with a seam require a sharpened line of legs, – warns Elena Vayman. – With thin legs, vertical lines should be avoided.

But the most dangerous is the large figure of tights on a short girl: he terribly shortens his legs. ” 

“If the legs do not look too elegant, you need to match the color of pantyhose, shoes and the skirt of the skirt,” advises Irina Lorak. – If the leg below the knee is not perfectly straight, it can be corrected by a horizontal pattern or divided into sectors – gaiters, half boots and so on – the sectors visually eliminate curvature. ”

Great Combinator

“In fact, now there are so many pantyhose and options for wearing them that it is impossible to say unequivocally what is good or what is bad,” says Elena Vaiman. “Perhaps, from stylistic limitations, one can remember only lace pantyhose – they are still for the night: in the daytime it’s too easy for them to cross the line between a lady and a prostitute.”

Even the once unacceptable tights with sandals are fully rehabilitated and sung on the catwalks. 

Of course, we are talking about tight pantyhose and rather rough sandals. The main thing is to understand what exactly and why you put on – and what style it means. “I recently watched turquoise pantyhose combined with black boots and a brown coat – the meaning of wearing them is simply lost,” Elena Vaiman is surprised. Starting with such a loud note, like catchy tights, you need to go to the end. “Color dense pantyhose – a dress-trapezium in the spirit of the 60’s. Or, for example, shorts and a striped cardigan, – continues Mrs. Wyman. – But why wear a classic skirt, if you are already in crimson pantyhose? We must mix, but definitely not with the classics.

Let there be arbitrarily madness, but logically sustained. “

Fashion for pantyhose is still deliciously diverse. Among the hits of autumn – firstly, matte white opaque tights, vaguely similar to the stockings of the pages (one of the possible images, which can be cited on occasion). Secondly, every possible rough knitted and relief dairy, beige and chocolate variations on the theme of fashionable now careless warming.

Select SHE: line of Sofie tights from Trasparenze brand. In addition to snow-white, there are smooth opaque yellow, red, turquoise, pink, etc. 70 den. Microfiber with the addition of lycra and cotton. 477 rubles (“The Planet of Pantyhose”).

Matte white pantyhose can be worn either with striped trapeze dresses and childlike flat soles (here they can be replaced by any single-color bright ones). The key words here are geometric simplicity and brightness of shapes – as if from plastic. Or with more complex and multi-layered clothes in the spirit of the 70’s: knitted cardigans, flowing tunics, oriental and hippy patterns, fur vests and sheepskin coats thrown over her shoulders-cream, beige, brown.

Black shoes with virgin white pantyhose should either be balanced with a black and white outfit, or avoided.

You can wear thick, textured tights of modest colors in two ways. The first way is now the actual image of the gratifying young lady, who walks by herself, or the guests of a secluded chalet in the mountains: thick pantyhose, rough boots on lacing, leggings, voluminous dress-sweater with a stretched neck. The second method was demonstrated at Prada shows: legs in rather severe pantyhose with a relief vertical pattern are crammed into elegant boats. All – conservative shades of brown and mustard. Above is a flared wool skirt cute silhouette conservative look for true ladies.

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