April 20, 2024

You can determine for yourself what wishes will come true in the next year

New Year is a holiday of a clean leaf. Remember, as in school years, opening a new clean notebook, I wanted to write in it carefully, so as not to spoil the shining whiteness.

Start a new life from the new year is much more seductive and more pleasant than on Monday. At the same time, children’s faith in miracles and hope for the best remain, otherwise no motivation will shine. Do not abandon the traditional guessing of the desire to fight the chimes. However, Santa Claus will certainly need your help. And no matter what – in search of your second half or in buying a car.

In the West, people also believe in miracles and at the same time are ready to take part in building their own happiness. The New Year resolution is one of the most popular American traditions, which is successfully adopted by the inhabitants of other countries.

According to one version, the tradition of drawing up New Year resolutions dates back to 153 BC, to Ancient Rome and Janus – to the very same, two-faced. Opening the heavenly gates to release the sun, the god of all doors and various undertakings, he simultaneously looked back – into the past and forward – into the future. It was to him that the Romans applied with their requests and wishes on the eve of the following year.

You can determine for yourself what wishes will come true in the next year

The New Year resolution is your dreams and goals, thought out and fixed on paper. After all, often we move aimlessly, naively thinking that one movement is enough. However, later we find that we had to go in the opposite direction. In order not to think about the vector of your development in the pre-holiday bustle, wait for the first of January, when, after waking up after dinner, you can have breakfast right from the salad bowl and lie down on the sofa – think. What was the last year for you? What was done and what was lost? What would you like next year? People want change in their lives, be it a job change or a marriage.

According to a survey conducted at SHE, 28% of our readers wished to be happy in their family life. In the second place – 21% – those who have not yet managed to get married, but really want it. Next come young ladies, hungry for promising work – their 14. 6%, which is not much more than women dreaming of a child – 14. 3%. 13. 2% of respondents want to have a car in the new year, and 8. 7% want to become slim and beautiful.

There are many more desires that you want to make, and bad habits that you want to eradicate. Often they are associated with health, work and personal life: play sports, lose weight, quit smoking. In addition, it would be nice to raise self-esteem, become more tolerant, stop being late and worry about trifles.

You can determine for yourself what wishes will come true in the next year

Three Steps to a Successful Resolution

If I want to? The desire to change at least something in your life can play a bad joke with you. Perhaps you just worked on the work, but it does not necessarily change the type of professional activity. It happens, and vice versa – the desire for change stumbles on a huge wall of fear of the new. Analyze what you are risking and what you can lose, if nothing changes in your life. If the forecasts are frightening or depressing, then most likely, your heart will require changes.

Can I? Be frank with yourself – do not set yourself unrealistic goals. Be sure to compare goals with each other. For example, if you decide to quit smoking and lose weight, then you can drive yourself to a standstill. After all, often quitting smoking, people gain weight. In this case, focus on one thing (quit smoking and maintain weight), and having achieved one goal, engage in the implementation of the next. In the same way, the points “find a promising job” and “give birth to a child” come into conflict. Decent leave will destroy all your career efforts. In addition, it is hardly worthwhile to set a goal to increase your salary at once five times, money is not the best object for fantasy. Really evaluate your strengths and capabilities.

Where to begin? Arrange a brainstorm: write down all the ideas that come to your mind. Then, ditch the excess and impossible, go to the kitchen, think over a cup of tea and go back to the resolution. Do not strive for much: it is better to achieve one goal within a year than not to reach ten. If you can not choose one thing, do not divide the goals into spheres of life (health, development, work, family) and in each determine the most important thing.

According to statistics, only 20% of the drafters of the resolution are carried out by the end of the year. The rest blow off the dust from the roll of desires only towards the end of next year, they are disappointed by the lack of performance and throw this bad idea. Of course, formulating your goals is half the battle. It is important to get to them, without turning off the path.

You can determine for yourself what wishes will come true in the next year

How to make sure that next year not to re-write the old items?

• The biggest problem is the number of points in your resolution. As a rule, people are not limited to two goals – there are too many desires, and all want to be realized. The less points you have in your resolution, the more likely that you will achieve your goals. Each large paragraph is divided into several small ones – this way it will be possible to gradually accomplish the assigned tasks.

• Involve relatives or friends in the world of resolutions. Many young ladies prefer to lose weight not alone, but with a girlfriend. In the company it’s easier to track progress, find out the reasons for failures and share successes.

• It is important not only the content, but also the form. Choose simple, clear language. Remove all negativity and abstraction. Let them be positive – that you would like to implement them, and as specific as possible – that in six months you do not reflect on the topic “What did I mean? ”.
• Record successes and failures. Look into your resolution, for example, every Monday, and keep track of where you moved from a dead center, and in which you did not even begin to move. Such an ordered weekly “reminder” is very disciplined, and soon you will feel its influence.
• Do not be afraid that not everything will be realized – be afraid of inactivity and lack of initiative. Even if you manage to save up only half of the amount for a car, you will be closer to the coveted goal than before.

Fairy tales about a magic wand and a goldfish are sweet and touching, but let them remain in childhood. Only you decide in which direction to move. Believe me, you can do everything – find a beloved man and a new job. All in your hands.

Happy New Year! Let the conceived take place!

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