Crocs Released High Heels And They’re Already Sold Out (Yes, Really)

Fashion’s preoccupation with ugly shoes has been going on for years, but it now seems to be at its peak. Birkenstocks are back, Nike recently revealed fanny pack sandals, and “dad” sneakers are normcore, like, in a good way.

Apparently, when it comes to fashionable footwear, comfort matters. And who does comfort better than Crocs? In an attempt to win over the fashion-forward customer, the aesthetically maligned shoe company recently released a high-heeled version of its iconic cushioned clog.

Unlike the brand’s classic wedge or the 4-inch platform version made in collaboration with Balenciaga last year, the new design features a 2-inch heel complete with arch support (which, btw, is highly recommended by podiatrists).

Available in two colorways, black and gray, the “Cyprus V” also features the signature Croslite foam footbed and an “elegant” strap design with subtle elastic. And, should you so choose to do yardwork in heels, you’ll be delighted to know the shoe is waterproof.

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