Correctly picking up the wardrobe, you can hide the extra pounds and look harmonious

Completeness and lack of harmony are not identical phenomena. You can have magnificent, but very pleasant proportions. Then the question of losing weight is no longer a social responsibility, but a personal preference – perhaps in order to make it easier to run. 

But when the fullness is manifested in a non-harmonious way – and more often it means that either the hips take on the main weight percentage, or the stomach or chest, then the perfectionist girls need to decide how to deal with it. Unfortunately, during diets, the parts that should not grow thin. In order not to torment the body, you can just cover it! She learned about how to lose weight with the help of clothes.

Clothing for the full – not necessarily hoodies and bags in the floor, and specific models in the specialized departments you will not find. In the “Grand Person” store, for example, it was explained that clothes for people of a large complexion are different from clothes for people smaller only in size, volume. Everything else: fashion trends, cuts, details are the same as for the rest. From this we can conclude that, especially for you, if your size exceeds the standard, no one will come up with masking suits – combine yourself.

In general, it is not difficult, if you evaluate yourself objectively. Objectively – this does not mean that you only need to see faults: attractive parts of the body just do help to make the image harmonious.

Objectively, this means honestly buying clothes of your size, as it has long been known that small close things will not make you smaller, but rather, digging into the body, will emphasize its splendor. 

In addition, we hide not the fullness, but disproportionate places – for example, a wide waist, tummy, full hands, hips. Therefore, when creating the desired, that is, a veiling visual effect, there are two mandatory methods – to shift attention and balance.

Attention, I put on!

To divert the attention of others from a part of the body that does not suit you, you can switch it to profitable features. The easiest way – to attract the face: to make the makeup brighter, the hairdo is more interesting, the deep decollete is to be decorated with large costume jewelry. And below – everything is very modest and unobtrusive. How do you think – what will the interlocutors look at?

If the skirt or pants will be lighter than the top, then visually the hips will necessarily become smaller. For this maneuver, a deep neckline is also suitable – it is better oval or V-shaped, and not heavier than the carat and all the same large ornaments. The V-neck also makes the lush bust light. A large overhead pockets on the chest on the contrary, visually increase it, switching attention from the bottom. It is important, distracting, not to “hit the eyes”:

“You can play with color, but do not shock them,” says stylist Elena Vayman.”For example, in a full figure, a red and black dress will look gruff, but a black suit or a dress with a red kerchief is more elegant.” 

We result in consent

The second moment, allowing to make the overall figure harmonious, is a balanced silhouette. “Putting on the large hips a bulky top, using patch pockets, ruffles, draperies, we bring the figure into balance,” says Elena. “Putting on a magnificent skirt, maybe with flounces down, we soften the top.” A long skirt-year, for example, is the best friend of full thighs and full breasts.

Materials, according to the stylist, it is better to use those that hold the form well – do not put dense skirts on the tight hips from the tight, emphasizing all contours of the material, let the fabric hide all the imperfections like a case. Do not overtighten the full body with jersey! Do not you want every hillock on the pope or saggy sides on the back to become public? Respect yourself.


Once again, we repeat that we hide not the completeness, but the imperfection. Therefore, in order not to aggravate the situation, some points in clothing should be avoided:

• Sleeves-lanterns, racks, round necks without a collar, collars-clasps with a full short neck and massive shoulders will aggravate the situation.

• Skirts in a crease, wide belts, cut-off lines on dresses do not fit with a wide waist.

• Avoid very tight and narrow dresses of light tones, as well as excessively wide or narrow and short skirts.
• If your legs are full, do not wear very short or very wide skirts, shoes without heels or at very high heels.
• For all types of completeness, small patterns on the fabric, small details, and heap are avoided.
• Do not try to hide your hips with a long sweater that will tighten them – choose a bright thing to the middle of the thigh – it will distract.

The important point – if you are concerned about the shortcomings of the figure and you are ready to hide them with clothing, you will need a full-length mirror. Do not want to get upset – do not go to him naked, especially with the overhead light: he “draws” cellulite where he is not. You need to see yourself completely, stop perceiving the big bottom as something separate – henceforth it must be in perfect harmony with the whole figure, and the remaining parts of the body will help it look good. Look at opera prims or foreign women politicians – they manage to dress so that it seems as if this elegant clothes case hides a pink, smooth, very appetizing body. What it is – a mystery, but clearly very pleasant. Try to do the same.

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