June 17, 2024

Influencer Shahd Batal unveils her ASOS collab

Whether she’s wearing a stompy boot or a mesh, heeled sandal – a matching tracksuit or a silky slip – her sartorial versatility may have attracted her masses of fans, but a quick scroll through her Instagram feed and you’ll spot one recurring theme; her genuine love of ASOS.

Known for their collaborative collections with some of the world’s most in-demand celebrities and influencers, today it fell to vlogger Shahd Batal to launch her own style edit with global e-tailer ASOS.

Loved for her epic down-to-earth and relatable style, Shahd is a ‘modest wear’ influencer with over 360k Instagram followers and 274k YouTube subscribers.

Appearing in a whole host of her organic posts, she is undoubtedly a big fan of the online stalwart. So while it may have been unsurprising for some of her biggest fans, today’s collaboration news was nonetheless thrilling.

We caught up with the beauty ahead of the launch to talk all things ASOS, comfortable clothes, and what she *really* thinks about the term ‘modest fashion’.

Q How do you identify your own style?

A My style feels very easy and I put comfort first because if I’m not comfortable, I won’t feel good. I love monochromatic looks. I love anything oversized. I love sneakers. I feel like my style is always changing as I’m changing but right now I’m having a blazer moment and love mixing loungewear with workwear.

Sage Grandad Coat, £50

Q How do you feel about the term ‘modest fashion’?

A I feel like it’s always in its own category for some reason when modest fashion is just fashion. Everyone should wear what they’re comfortable with and realistically modesty is different for everyone. l think I fell in love with fashion more once I started wearing the hijab in 2016 because I love the challenge of making certain trends work for me.

Q How does it feel to be the first ever ‘modest wear’ influencer creating a style edit for ASOS?

A Such an honour! I’ve always been a loyal ASOS customer prior to working with them. They’re a brand I feel like really walks the talk when it comes to inclusivity and care, I love the team. The goal with this collection was to make modest pieces accessible and affordable, which is very rare. In my experience, there’s always the perfect maxi dress, but it has a slit or wide leg pants but the price is couture. I had myself, my friends and my community in mind throughout.

Q Talk us through the collection a bit – which pieces do you love most, have you got any saved for particular occasions etc. ?

A When we started working on this edit, I had Eid and spring/summer vacations in mind. I absolutely love the sage green set, it feels much more expensive than it is. I love the sage coat, very easy to dress up or dress down. I’m very picky when it comes to florals but the organza blazer with exaggerated sleeves felt perfect for this collection. I’m very glad that Muslims have two Eid’s we may just have to save the pieces for then and stay comfortable at home in the loungewear and tracksuit.

Organza Floral Blazer, £55

Q In the current climate, with the likes of major ‘modest’ fashion brand The Modist closing down, what do you think mainstream brands could do better in the ‘modest fashion’ space?

A I touched on it previously but we just want modest options to be more accessible and not break the bank. I love sifting through and finding pieces I love but not everyone has the time or energy to do so. Also, sometimes brands modest options feel lazy and incohesive with the rest of their items. We wanna look cute too!

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