SHE uses stylists to select clothes for each type of figure

The ability to dress stylishly begins not with the subtleties of selection of accessories, but with pure geometry: the ability to take a critical look at your figure and visually transform it by a competent choice of pattern and cut of clothes.

With the support of the Novosibirsk stylists, the correspondent of SHE singled out the main types of female figures and for each found an innocent optical blende, which will make the legs longer and the waist – slimmer.

First of all, you need to determine the type of figure. Unlike the division into color types, from which many stylists today deny, the typologies of the figure by conditional “apples” and “rectangles” of replacement have not been found.

“The most important thing is the architecture of the figure. Just get out of the shower naked, put a light source from behind – and your figure will draw, as it is, “- calls Lyudmila Kornienko, the school’s director Alexander Vasilyev in Novosibirsk. The geometric figure that we will see in the mirror, we have to accept as a fact and smart deceptive opt to transform into more desirable forms.

Rectangle silhouette

Rectangular type is a straight figure with an indistinct waist, straight hips and often with a flat-bottomed boot. In this case, a woman can be a dense plump woman, and a model from the podium – tall and slim, but too flat, without relief. The main problem of this type is a wide waist and flat buttocks.

It is forbidden: “The most frequent error of women with a direct type of figure is the emphasis on the waist. Assemblages at the waist, belts, dressed sweaters visually make the waist wider, “says stylist-shopper Mikhail Gushinets.

Recommended:Mr. Hushinets advises women with rectangular type of figure to choose clothes simple, free, with a limited number of details. The optimal pattern is a cage, a strip, an abstract geometric pattern. Admissible details – sharp lapels, straight skirts with a smell, pleated, cuts. Preferred overstretched waistline, vtatnye belts, jackets and vests on the fringe belt to the middle of the thighs. Add a volume of buttocks skirts with a coquette, flared pants and the presence on the buttocks of pockets: high and not widely planted, preferably with valves. Classic skirts choose with horizontal darts and seams.

Silhouette of “hourglass”

The most seductive type, sung by admirers of femininity in poems, songs, thick novels and paintings, has a rounded figure with a clearly marked waist, developed shoulders, rounded hips and buttocks. Ironically, girls – “hourglasses” like to complain not only of importunity of fans, but also too large breasts. In addition, in the appendage to the large chest and pronounced thighs, nature often endows the “hourglass” with short stature and short legs (sexologists, by the way, consider this to be a sign of a strong sexual constitution).

Prohibited: Proportions with a pronounced waist are always attractive if the woman does not hide in a hoodie. A common mistake of women with a fitted figure type is in choosing thick fabrics with straight lines on jackets and skirts: the line of the chest, waist and feminine hips is lost.

It is recommended: “Wide belts emphasize the waist and distract attention from the chest” – stylist Maria Fedorova, teacher of the training center “Beauty Studio”, calls the belts a real rescue for the puffy ladies. Also in the list of mandatory elements is a deep, preferably V-shaped neckline (cutouts “under the neck” make the top formless), sleeveless blouses and a vertical buckle (form a vertical). Dark tones reduce the volume; a high smell emphasizes the beautiful line of the chest.

To lengthen the legs, it is recommended to wear maxi dresses with an inflated waist, trousers and skirts slightly flared from the thigh, use incisions and smells. Blouses, jackets, jackets should be as short as possible. 

Silhouette of “pear”

Known as an A-silhouette, this type of figure has narrow shoulders, a small chest and pronounced hips. The situation is aggravated by the desire of the body to store fat precisely on the hips and not in any – in the chest, which strengthens the main problem of the type: a small chest and wide hips.

Forbidden: For the breast, avoid tight knitwear and deep decollete. With draperies you can combine lush sleeves (they make a larger shoulder line), and your favorite jersey should be hidden under a layer of brethren and a cardigan from above: a thin layer is shown for the thin in the chest. For the hips – avoid tight fitting of the skirt, excessive drapery.

Recommended:With a small chest, everything is clear: you need extra volume. Choose blouse on flirt with assemblages above the chest line, light warm tones (visually expand) and reliefs from the breast line. Having created a volume from above, it needs to be carefully removed at the bottom. “If the bottom is heavy – make it easier with the help of light flying fabrics and feminine silhouettes,” – gives obvious advice to Lyudmila Kornienko. Mikhail Gushinets offers dresses from the middle of the knee and below, the silhouette of skirts and dresses – slightly narrowed or slightly flared from the hip, muted colors and matte textures.

Silhouette “apple” The

type of “apple” is approximately the same volume of the waist, chest and hips with a smooth line running from the shoulders to the hips, is characteristic of women prone to fatness. The problem is the bulging belly and full legs.

It is forbidden: “It is worthwhile to avoid any underscoring of the waist, small picture, cage, stripes, patterns on trousers, skirts,” comments Mikhail Gushinets.

“There should not be any bulky elements on the stomach, no buckles, there should be a flat invisible clasp,” recalls Maria Fedorova. 

Recommended: To adjust the stomach, it is useful to use in the coloring or cut of clothes vertical lines that will pull the figure. This can be through all the dress or jumper vertical seams on the sides or close to the center. Such women will go whole-tiered dresses of free form, elongated jackets, blouses and jumpers.

When full legs are recommended to focus on the upper body, for example, choose a contrasting jacket or large pattern. Straight along the entire length of the trousers should fit the hips, but from the extravagant textured shoes and shoes on the hairpin will have to give up: the first creates a volume, and the narrow heel is strongly discordant with the volumetric foot.

If you find yourself in too many flaws in the figure that you need to fix urgently, perhaps you should consider whether you are not too self-critical. And if it is, then you can completely correct most of them, connected with excessive or insufficient volumes.

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