June 17, 2024

How to turn years back with the help of the subconscious

Do you believe that past experience is what makes us older? And it can not be otherwise? Extrasensory from New York Vladimir Maximov argues that it is the past that is the key to rejuvenation.

You are still beautiful, active and energetic. But for some reason I want to compare myself with a bird in a cage. It seems that in our endless vanity something very expensive and important is lost. What? Perhaps, a mischievous sparkle in the eyes, a former romantic or fresh look? So find yourself, says Maximov in response.

Age? You ask yourself. And then you consoled: is not the whole industry of pharmacology and cosmetology at your service? For the desperate – there is surgery as a very radical way of getting rid of the signs of aging. But is age just wrinkles? After all, from a growing mental pain, the scalpel will not deliver. Vladimir Maksimov offers an integrated approach to the development and use of human reserve capabilities.

As they say, a man for as many years as he feels. So you need to change the sensations. Our subconscious mind is an inexhaustible resource. That’s just learning how to use it. Yes, but how to do it? With the help of his own subconscious. Try to make your brain live memory.

Aging can be compared to poor-quality music from the radio – the adjustment scale is simply knocked down. It is necessary to request the necessary information from the subconscious. Physiologists compare the human brain with a storage chamber. Why? Because a person uses no more than 10% of his functionality. The remaining 90% is a reserve array intended for lifelong storage of information. And the archive of information, both external and internal, arriving in the brain from other organs and systems. In order to reverse the time vector, it is necessary to select the key-code to this reservoir.

The subconscious remembers absolutely all of our past states: both “golden days”, and emotionally “lead” periods. The problem is to leave the “lead” in oblivion, and “gold” to raise to the surface. The well-known psychic Vladimir Maximov suggests histechnique of rejuvenation, which, unlike the scalpel of the surgeon, is absolutely bloodless and harmless, namely: the method of psychophysical transformation through photography.

Scroll through the minds of the past years. In which of them were you most satisfied with yourself, your appearance, your state of health? Remember? Then you did not go, but soared! Get your photo of this period from the album. Surely it’s your favorite photo. On it you are beautiful, full of young energy and strength. A time when everything is still ahead – and love, and intimacy, and the birth of children. This picture will become the key that can open your subconscious mind. Photography, and to her system of special meditative practices, which offers Vladimir Maximov, are able to launch in the subconscious a new program, to transfer you to a completely different stage of life.

October 13 at 19:00 in the cinema “Victory” will be a presentation of the “Theater of Energies”, in which the well-known healer Vladimir Maximov will demonstrate his method of rejuvenation and present a new book for the Russian reader “Practical psychic”. On the pages of the book you can find answers to your questions: how to survive in this complex world, how to change yourself, etc.

In addition, on the personal healer’s site there are various audio programs that will help you relax, get rid of sleepless nights, evil eye, normalize food and much more.

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