June 19, 2024

Clever, Amusing and Funny Facebook Post Ideas

Fortunately, Techjunkie is here to help. As someone who used to manage a marketing company that included social media marketing, I have a few ideas you can use to help keep fans entertained and coming back for more.

They aren’t directly actionable as tastes and themes change all the time. What they can do is form the basis for timely Facebook posts that you can tweak to match your brand and what’s going on in the world at the time.

If you run a small business or a Facebook community, coming up with funny Facebook post ideas can be something of a challenge. When you run a Facebook community, you have to post well and post often which demands you are constantly on the lookout for clever, amusing or funny ideas for Facebook posts.

Ask for answers or advice

The very best type of engagement is gained by asking your audience for something. Some people like to solve problems, some like to help, some like to feel superior and others like to think you owe them something. All personality types can be triggered by asking a question or requesting advice. It is the single most effective way of engaging on social media.

You can make your questions amusing or downright funny, or more serious. Much depends on your brand voice.

Run polls

Running polls are another way to engage with your audience. Some of the funniest Facebook posts have been in the form of polls. They can also be serious or funny and anywhere in between. The more thoughtful you make the poll, the more people will likely answer it.

Don’t forget to share the results of that poll. You can turn it into another Facebook post that reflects the tone of the poll itself. Then perhaps more posts analyzing or discussing the findings further. Much depends on your brand and what you want to achieve.

Set a challenge

The challenge post is probably the most notorious Facebook post idea there is right now. The Ice Bucket Challenge saw over 17 million user videos and over 70 million views generated from that one challenge. It raised over $220 million for The ALS Association and gained worldwide popularity. If you can come up with something as interesting, the potential is huge.

Post links to cat videos

Yes I know cat videos are so last year but they are still getting viewers by the million so there must still be an appetite for them. They are fast, easy to use and offer amusing or funny posts that will get engagement. You just have to trawl through the hundreds of videos to find one that fits your Facebook page.

Use TV themes

Did you ever use the Breaking Bad Name Lab? Millions of people did. Linking Facebook post ideas to topical TV shows or movies is always a winner. If you can develop an angle that fits the show and your page, you could gain a lot of attention from your audience. TV and movie tie-ins have been around since the 1950s and for good reason. They work. Whether they are clever, amusing or downright funny depends on the show and what you want to achieve.

Inspirational posts

Emotional marketing is huge and is used very cleverly by brands to develop emotional attachment to their brand, color, name or even just the font they use. This attachment is a very powerful motivator for someone and has been proven time and again to increase brand loyalty.

Inspirational posts are a big part of emotional marketing. Plus, life is sometimes way too serious and we have a habit of getting caught up in our own little world. Sharing inspirational stories reminds us all that life isn’t just about home and work.

Fill in the blank

A super-simple yet funny Facebook post idea is the fill in the ____ post. Devise a question or three, remove key words and replace them with a blank. You would be amazed at the sheer number and quality of the responses will be. Some will be funny, others clever and most of them will be amusing to some degree. Just monitor the responses very closely for those inevitable replies that go off-piste.

Run contests

Depending on the type of brand you work with, running contests is a very effective way to generate attention for your Facebook page. It could be as simple as coming up with a funny quote for a picture or developing a name for a new product. As long as your contest obeys Facebook rules and you include a decent prize, the rest will take care of itself.

Insider tips or gossip

As long as your insider tip isn’t financial, sharing inside information, gossip or providing a head’s up for an event can be a brilliant way to engage with an audience. If your Facebook page is for a fast moving industry or one with a lot of interest, even better. Offering quality tips or sharable gossip is a great way to build an inclusive community.

Seasonal posts

Offering genuinely useful seasonal posts can be surprisingly effective. Things like ‘the best dog friendly beaches for spring break’ or ‘where to find the latest child’s toy for Christmas at less than sticker price’ are classic seasonal posts that offer genuine value to the reader. It is that value that translates into likes.

Promote other clever, amusing or funny Facebook posts

I used to advise brands to keep the use of other people’s content to less than 5 percent of any social media campaign. That remains true now but shouldn’t stop you cross promoting another brand, person or page to leverage its popularity.

Shop carefully, choose your post or page and then promote it. Do it too often and you will lose fans as they will have seen it all before. Do it sparingly and they will realize that the promotion must have value as you rarely do it.

Tell a personal story

I left this one until last as not everyone is comfortable baring their soul in public. Telling a personal story that inspires, that others can relate to, that lets people know about the person behind the page or something else entirely is very powerful. As I said, not everyone is comfortable doing it but if you can, you will see a spike in engagement as a result.

Those are just a few clever, amusing or funny ideas for Facebook posts. Got any more? Tell us about them below.

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