July 18, 2024

Boohoo’s, you can get a dress, shoes and bag for just £30

Remember that crazy phase where social media was just photos of people’s £3 meal deal lunches? Well, it happened all over again – only this time, chicer.

Boohoo announced the launch of a clothing ‘meal deal’ recently and people went wild for it. That’s right; our favourite sandwich/drink/snack combo was officially translated into clothing and for a not-so-shabby price of £30, you could bag yourself a new dress, bag and pair of shoes.

The innovative deal got tonnes of positive feedback from students and fashion fans alike.

People lauded the offer on social media and rushed to get their hands on the thrifty collection. In fact, it was so damn popular that it’s back again. Hooray!

The online giant is offering shoes as a ‘starter’, a dress for a’main’, and a handbag for ‘dessert’ – all for £30.

And best of all? Although only selected items are included in the deal, it’s not just made up of unpopular clothes they’re trying to get rid of, and there are actually some pretty chic mix-and-match looks to be had with an average saving of £17. And with a selection of on-trend leopard print dresses, outfits to take us through to the winter season and espadrilles we’re already eyeing up for next summer, what’s not to love?

We’re already curious to see if the new meal deal concept causes as much controversy as the original “who even gets plain ham and ready salted crisps? ” debate…but with more jumpsuits.

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