A small white dress

Many fairy tales end with weddings. Many girls think that the main thing in family life is a snow-white dress with crinoline and veil.

Of course, young souls will quickly realize that not everything is so simple, but the wedding dress, as a symbol of impending happiness, remains in memory forever. After all, even wise old 30-year-old girls, when marrying, are looking for a dress with elements of a child’s dream of a princess dress.

What modern designers offer and how to create the correct wedding image, the correspondent of SE recognized.

In the new season lush skirts of wedding dresses will give way to a calm silhouette and draperies

One of the most important requirements in choosing the image of the bride – a reference to the usual for her in ordinary life style. If a serious girl, whom the groom has always seen in business suits, will marry in a semi-transparent dress-shirt, the future husband can simply not recognize her and even take offense. However, what to do to those who have not yet determined their style?

But such a majority. “Undoubtedly, girls who have already formed a taste, try to adhere to their own idea of ​​beauty always, including when choosing a wedding dress – they know what they are going for and what they like,” says stylist Maria Lipatnikova. “But if the girl is ready for experiments, then why should not she try something new now?” Usually “something new” is a theatrical dress with crinoline – you will agree,

Wedding cake

However, the image of a dress from a dream does not always coincide with the reality controlling our life.

“Now in a calm calm silhouette, moderate splendor, Empire style, Greek style, flowing fabrics, draperies,” the SHE correspondent in the Salon Matrimonio explained. – The hem is made in the form of a “fish”, but not a crinoline or very lush skirts with rings. “

But despite the fashion trends, the stories about the European style of the wedding dress, lush snow-white lace “cakes” on the young girls’ bodies will not disappear anywhere. “The fact is that many girls from the childhood represented themselves in such a dress, and they do not want to give up their dreams,” Maria Lipatnikova shares her impressions. “Sometimes during the wedding, the bride changes so much that when after some time he comes to the photographer for cards, he simply does not recognize it.”

Fat to Floor

Young romantic ladies are allowed and forgivable all – and dresses, cakes, and dresses, shirts, older girls should be more careful in choosing the style and try to do without props, focusing on elegance. So it is – now the age of brides has moved closer to 30 years, and already confident girls choose silhouette – that is, underline the figure – the model. However, they do not reject the veil.

This symbol of the purity of the bride today has become just an accessory – in the fashion of “Spanish” motifs, a nondescript, very long embroidered lace veil. Another popular accessory for the bride is a diadem. Among the modesty that reigns on the podium (even with respect to wedding fashion), the attire of the bride – sarafans, trouser suits, dress-cases – can often be distinguished by an elegant crown on her head. Simplicity – the absence of “ryushechek, strazikov,

Enviable simplicity

At the same time, judging by the podium, in Europe, simplicity, on the contrary, is very relevant. In general, if we talk about trends, then along with elegant wedding simplicity in outfits … business style elements are used … “We offer bolero to many dresses,” confirm in the interior of Matrimonio. “Along with the feminine lace it can be made in the form of a shortened jacket, with a stand.”

If we talk about color, then, according to the stylist Maria Lipatnikova, the fashion is warm white, the color of “ayvori” or “the color of champagne.”

Svetlana Frolova, the administrator of the “Mi Lady” salon, says that the most “color” in their collection can be called a cappuccino dress: “The fashion for bright shades has already passed.” But in the salon “Svetlana”, where they sell not only white dresses, do not agree with this statement: “Girls like color models: blue and white, peach and white, pink, golden dresses.”

Do not need cheap lace!

And, finally, let’s talk about the most important, perhaps, about the price of a dream. The average cost of dress in the salons is 20-25 thousand. But if you try, even in a fairly expensive “Matrimonio” you can find models for 14 thousand.

Colored outfits in the salon “Svetlana” can cost from 7 thousand rubles, simple elegant dresses in “Mi Lady” – from 12 thousand rubles, magnificent – up to 70. If the funds do not allow you to buy an expensive dress, it would be wiser to give up luxury jewelry: “You can not call the bad taste of splendor, crinolines, lace, flounces,” – assured Maria Lipatnikova. “Bad taste is cheap materials, plastic flowers, bad lace.”

An elegant simple dress made of good fabric without extra cheap props will not make the bride blush for the loose lace or collapsed bouquet. But the radiant smile of the bride will be remembered by the guests much more than her veil

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