16 Old-School Laundromats That Are So Bad, They’re Good

If you think about it, the humble Laundromat has always been in the eye of the decor trend storm, calm and untouched despite the whirlwind of midcentury this and boho that around it.

Maybe, as with our grandparents, the resistance to modernity is simply due to old age; according to The Atlantic<150 -->, the “first self-serve Laundromat in America opened in 1934” and “the U.S.’s coin-operated Laundromats are overwhelmingly mom-and-pop operations.”

And honestly, we wouldn’t change a thing. It’s weirdly comforting to be cocooned in tacky tile, overly bright walls, and a wealth of plastic furniture<152 --> with your neighbors as you wait for your wash cycles to finish – there’s something so bad about the design of an old-school Laundromat, it’s good.

In our hunt for the kookiest places out there – see our favorites below – we had a shocking realization.

All those crazy retro accents are becoming, dare we say it, cool again. So much for avoiding trendiness, Laundromats.

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