March 4, 2024

You do not satisfy me . .

Are you happy on Mondays? Are you late for work if you need to finish something urgent? Can you rely on leadership? Are your indicators better than others? Do you feel the importance and importance of your work? Are you happy with your salary?

If you answered all the questions positively, you are the dream of any employer. It’s you who solve all the problems, it’s your work call, when you’re on vacation, it’s your order on the desktop and in your head. You are lucky – you have your favorite interesting work. As for the others who answered negatively, you just have to sigh and look enviously at the lucky ones.

A huge number of women (and men) for one reason or another are not happy with their work. Perhaps, you did not even think about it, just wake up at seven in the morning, stand at a bus stop, stuck up in the office for six hours and go home gladly.

For those who are not sure of their attitude to the position and actions that are being performed, psychologists have identified 10 signs of dissatisfaction with their work:

1. You hate Mondays
2. You can not wait for Friday
3. You often miss work
4. You often feel tired
5. You try not to get caught by the boss and hate working meetings
6. You do not feel that you are doing something useful
7. Working stress you take home
8. You often think about whether you made the right choice
9. You regularly review job ads
10. If you had the financial opportunity, you would be happy to stay at home.

There are lots of reasons not to love and even hate your job. The most common are the low salary (from your point of view, your employer thinks otherwise), remoteness from home (the weather in Siberia is sometimes unpredictable), lack of independence, bad relations with colleagues and, of course, a terrible boss (demanding, capricious, always displeased ).

Personnel experts share complaints about work in two categories: the first include those negative points that you can change, and to the second – those that do not depend on you.

You can do something if you are doing everything possible to advance through the career ladder, and the authorities are ignoring, or if you have serious problems with colleagues, or if you would like to take on additional responsibilities that are more interesting to you. However, you can hardly change the boss or change the policy of the whole company.

Write a list of reasons why you do not like the job. If you are not satisfied with your type of activity, and instead of a teacher you want to become a marketer – this is one question, and if you are irritated by the gossip of colleagues – quite another. If you do not like what you can influence, try to change the situation or your attitude towards it.

In order to understand what is happening in the women’s labor market in Novosibirsk, we studied the vacancies and summaries for the last month, submitted to job.

3075 women in Novosibirsk would like to receive or change their place of work. But only 1125 employers announced their desire to hire women.

A different situation with men. The site features 1,425 men’s jobs and 2,550 men’s jobs. Despite the fact that the unemployment rate in Novosibirsk is one of the lowest in Siberia, this issue is more perplexed by women than men: the supply and demand ratio for work for men and women is 1. 7 and 2. 7, respectively.

If the decision to change the place of work is already ripe for you, do not rush to leave on an urgent basis – prepare the ground.

1. Analyze your choice

Understand the problem – in the head or in the fact that you have chosen the wrong kind of activity? Before you do anything, find out what you need to change. Do not make mistakes – do not give up a promising job if the problem is in conflict with colleagues. People with other vital values ​​are everywhere, and a change of place of work is a measure that does not guarantee meeting with like-minded people. If you can not cope with the conflict on your own, you can find help at specialized trainings where such situations and methods for solving them are dealt with.

2. Correct your resume.

Your old resume needs to be changed – now you have more work experience, perhaps you have passed the refresher courses or become a participant in some important symposium. Carefully study your resume, make adjustments and post it on the site to find a job in the vacancies section. Perhaps, even after reading your new resume, you will feel much more confident than before. In addition, without giving up the old job, you can wait for favorable proposals from employers, and if something interesting comes up – quietly quit.

3. Prepare for interviews.

If you work in one place for two or more years, you need to remember how to behave in an interview. Answer yourself to the questions:
• What provocative questions you may be asked at the interview – and how will you answer them?
• Do you have a clear idea of ​​the salary that you want to receive at the initial stage and further in the process of work?
• Can you answer questions without showing your tension and excitement, regardless of the style of interviewing?

Self-confidence and professionalism are the key to a successful job interview and a new job. Pay attention to the atmosphere that reigns in the new office. According to the research, the friendlier the team, the higher the level of job satisfaction. It does not matter whether your girlfriend will be there or not – the main thing, scientists say, is to know that there is such an opportunity.

In addition, the positive attitude to their activities is facilitated not so much by salary, as by the sense of importance of the work done.

People want to feel their usefulness, even in small things – from this, according to psychologists, the level of satisfaction with their work sharply increases.

This fact is confirmed by the results of a survey of British sociologists. The happiest employees are cosmetologists, hairdressers and florists. A significant part of the work of a cosmetologist and a hairdresser is communication with clients. Thanks to their painstaking work, a very tangible beauty is created, people gain self-confidence and give compliments to masters. Florists communicate with people no less than hairdressers, and the results of their work are also palpable in the literal sense of the word. And if you are a lawyer, an official or a pharmacist – you get more pleasure from work. According to the research, “white-collar workers” are generally less satisfied with their lives than skilled workers.

But do not be discouraged if you are the owner of the “white collar” – after all, you can get pleasure not only from work.

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