May 25, 2024

This sequin skirt is already Zara’s number 1 Christmas party buy

As Zara fans know, every year there are certain items that literally everyone ends up going cray for.

Snaps of THAT coveted item always end up taking over most of your Instagram feed thanks to bloggers and all the other stylish people you follow showing it off. Some pieces even earn their own dedicated Instagram accounts. Yes, it’s that deep (who could forget the blue and white Zara coat circa 2016? ).

Well, it seems that there is a sequin skirt from Zara that is already set to be this year’s front-runner. The limited-edition sequin, midi, A-line skirt is selling like crazy.

It dropped online yesterday, and the insiders at Zara told GLAMOUR that it’s already the number 1 item on the Zara website. Yup, already. Although it’s not that surprising as tis’ the season to get your sparkle on and all that jazz.

This sequin skirt is already Zara's number 1 Christmas party buy



Priced at £95. 99, it’s slightly on the ‘pricey side’, but with all those parties, nights out and meet-ups that you’ll be going to, it’s a great piece that you can dress up and style differently. Basically, the cost per wear makes it a fab buy (well, that’s what we’re telling ourselves).

Love it or loathe it, one’s thing for sure: Christmas has well and truly arrived.

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