July 22, 2024

You Can Now Get Gourmet Edible Cookie Dough In a Supermarket Near You

You’ve likely seen edible cookie dough allover your Instagram. Vendors offering unbaked dough that is safe to consume have been popping up in big cities in the US.

The endless flavors and ingredient combinations have drawn in crowds of consumers, but sadly for those who aren’t near an urban area like New York City or Chicago, fulfilling a sweet tooth with the Insta-worthy cookie dough has remained a distant dream.

Until now: The Cookie Dough Cafe, a women-owned company, is on a mission to “provide everyone the opportunity to purchase our edible cookie dough in their neighborhood supermarkets. ” What’s more, the company has expanded its flavor lineup to include a celebrity among the cookie world: Oreo.

Spotted earlier this summer by The Junk Food Aisle, this stuff is supposed to be good. The women behind the cookie creation say it’s delicious on its own, but also when served with ice cream. Yum!

Head over to their site to find a participating supermarket near you. Then run, don’t walk. The “gourmet edible cookie dough” can be found in the dairy or refrigerated section. Or, if you don’t want to travel for your dough, have it delivered to your door instead.

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