These 7 Stylish Accessories Will Reinvent Your Summer Workouts

Leggings, a supportive sports bra, and a cool pair of sneakers are probably the first things that come to mind when scoping out fitness gear. But truthfully, it’s the less obvious pieces that can turn a good workout into a great one – especially in the Summer heat. Yup, we’re talking about accessories.

Equally stylish and functional, the right accessories can not only improve your workout, but show others you truly mean business. So from portable equipment and smart fitness trackers to moisture-wicking hats that’ll shield your face from harmful sun exposure, we’ve chosen seven best-in-class options.

The Smartest Jump Rope You’ll Ever Meet

At first glance, this jump rope ($80) may look just like the one you attempted to double dutch with on the playground. But take a closer look, and you’ll realize it’s not only far more #fancy thanks to the gold accents, but it also has built in LED lights that count your jumps! Sync it up with your favorite fitness app to track your progress or workouts with ease.

A Moisture-Wicking Hat That’ll Shield the Sun

Here’s a fun dilemma: you want to take your workout outdoors, but the sun is at peak brightness. Wearing sunglasses for a workout simply isn’t practical, so that’s where training caps ($30) come in. Made from lightweight materials with moisture-wicking and cooling technology, a brimmed cap not only protects your delicate skin from UV rays, but keeps your head cool. Better yet, you can workout without sweat dripping into your eyes – all while supporting your favorite NFL team.

Resistance Bands You Can Take Anywhere

Bodyweight exercises make it seamless to tone up on the go, but adding weight or resistance to the mix yields truly impressive results. Since no one wants to lug dumbbells or kettle balls outdoors, resistance bands ($11) are an excellent alternative to lighten your load. Available in variety of stretchy options, you can easily choose a band that fits your level.

Bluetooth Earbuds For Ultimate Mobility

We know, we know, when all the hype around wireless earbuds ($160) started, you probably thought it was too good to be true. How the heck do they stay in your ears? And, more importantly, how does anyone keep track of them? Call it magic or a smart design, these little guys stay remarkably secure – even during a long run or HIIT workout. A rechargeable carrying case helps ensure you never lose sight of them. Once you experience the wonders of a truly hands-free workout, you’ll understand why so many fitness junkies are choosing to go cordless.

A Stylish Fitness Tracker

Whether you’re a jewelry minimalist or just don’t want to interrupt your arm party with a bulky fitness tracker, try this more subtle version ($150) instead. With a thin profile and metallic accents, this option is ultrachic while remaining totally functional. It’ll track your workout stats and your sleep – straight from your wrist to your smartphone.

A Multipurpose Antimicrobial Mat

So you want to do morning yoga on the beach or an ab circuit in the park? Unless you enjoy sand-covered downward dogs or planking on the concrete, you’ll need a cushioned mat. We’re partial to this antimicrobial option ($99) for outdoor workouts because it helps fight the bacteria you can easily pick up in public locales. A little peace of mind never hurt anyone.

A Quick-Drying Towel

If you tend to sweat a lot during workouts, consider equipping yourself with a lightweight cooling towel ($15). When used dry, it’ll absorb moisture and prevent things from getting uncomfortable or slippery. But the real magic happens when you use the towel wet; cooling technology is activated within the fabric and can reduce your body temperature by a whopping 30 degrees. How’s that for a Summer staple?


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