Rihanna’s latest makeup tutorial is SO perfect for Halloween

Rihanna is the beauty blogger we never knew we needed. In her latest Fenty Beauty five-minute makeup tutorial video, once again, the singer showed off her pretty impressive makeup skills.

RiRi gave viewers a quick crash course on how to work a bold black lip, using her newest lipstick, the Stunna Lip Paint in Uninvited. She also shows us how to rock a sharp eye with the Moroccan Spice eyeshadow palette and Flyliner, Fenty Beauty’s newest long-wear liquid eyeliner.

Since the lip is the star of the show, Rihanna starts off her tutorial by painting on two coats of Uninvited. “I love black lips, but it only works if it’s not sheer,” she said.

Fenty Beauty’s Stunna Lip Paint is the only black lipstick you need for Halloween and here’s why

Applying her bottom lip with the black lipstick, she describes the product as ‘delicious’, before carefully running the applicator along the top of her mouth

“I’m already impressed,” Rihanna gushed after applying the lipstick. “Notice the precision of the brush and how easy it is just to reapply.”

The Stunna Lip Paint features a rounded tip to provide smooth coverage for the 12-hour matte shade.

Once Rihanna’s pout was done, she moved onto the eyes. She tells viewers: “So the first thing I like to do is just warm up and get a little definition. And I usually like to do that from eye shadow shade Come And Get It.”

Starting at the outer corner of her eye, Rihanna brushes the warm shade along her crease to provide colour to the lids.

“You can decide if you want to do a little deeper a little more gothic,” Rihanna said about the eye look.

“The tip of this brush controls everything,” Rihanna explained as she winged the liner upwards. “If you want to go thin, you just create really light tension on the brush. If you want to go thicker, just press into the brush slightly.”

Rihanna also challenged fans to recreate the look and share them on Insta, tagging Fenty Beauty in their snaps. Fenty babes have already gotten involved, using the tutorial and Uninvited as a starting point for Halloween looks.

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