May 29, 2024

The wine is dry

Dry red wine made from certain grape varieties are dark red or black color with a fairly thick skin. For producers the most basic in addition to sophisticated tart flavor, is getting the dark color of the wine.

Those elements that it contains, allow you to have a beneficial effect on many organs and systems of our body.

Red wine is one of the healthiest alcoholic beverage, known since ancient times, of course, if you eat it in moderation.

For best properties, you need to drink more than a glass before dinner.

This miraculous product contains elements that are vital to our body:

  • proteins
  • potassium,
  • iron and many others.

The list is very long. In addition, this alcoholic drink is absolutely not fat. Therefore, it is allowed to eat even when you move on to changed nutrition when dieting.

Red wines with a small delay are pretty earthy, so valuable are those whose exposure is more than three months. Such wines include: Cabernet, Bordeaux, Cinsault and others.

Let’s look at what organs and systems of the dry wine has a beneficial effect. I’m sure everyone will find what he needs the most.

Use of dry red wine:

  • improves functioning of cardiac muscles (thanks to magnesium);
  • helps with anemia (due to iron content), for this purpose it is necessary to consume two cups per day;
  • provides the synthesis of fatty acids (due to the presence of chromium);
  • eliminate radioactive elements (due to the content of rubidium);
  • rejuvenates the body, stopping negative and destructive processes;
  • expands blood vessels,
  • significantly reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood; if you drink it regularly, then purified the blood vessels;
  • increases the tone of the whole body and strengthens the immune system;
  • improves appetite;
  • Minerals

Red wine is very popular, it is served for a light dinner or drink to brighten up a dull evening. This name can carry a beverage in which sugar is contained not more than 1%. Dry red wine many call the masterpiece of the winemakers. There are 2 kinds of drink:

Natural wine, which is made from grapes with solid elements, that is with the skins, seeds, etc the Amount of alcohol from 9 to 13%.
Special natural wine. The amount of alcohol is from 14% to 16%.

Dry red wine produced around the world. The most popular are the drink of the French and Italian production.

How to choose and what wine would be best?

Every person knows that quite often the wine is fake, which is reflected not only in taste but also in the use of drink for the body. Not to buy a fake, you should know some of the secrets and subtleties of a choice of dry red wine. Here are the basic guidelines:

To go shopping is in a special shop. These institutions monitor the reputation, have the certificate of quality and only choose good suppliers. Besides, in such shops there are professional consultants who will help you make the right choice.

On the label of a quality wine must bear the information, which will help you to choose the desired drink. First look for the manufacturer and the manufacturing region. Important information about the vintage, alcohol content and bottle volume.

Select wine only in bottles of dark glass, as sunlight spoils the taste and consumer characteristics of the beverage. Today, some manufacturers use for bottles, special UV filters.

When choosing a quality dry red wine, pay attention to traffic. Manufacturer who values their reputation and has a great history, will never sell bottles closed polymer tube. Smell the cork if you feel bad, you should abstain from wine because the bottle, or stored improperly, or the drink has got corrupted. Yet high quality, this wine stopper is long, this means that even in such trifles the manufacturer does not skimp.

How to store?

If you managed among a wide variety of to find a good wine, it is properly stored because it may deteriorate, and the desired pleasure from eating you get. There are a few recommendations that will help you to cope with this problem:

Wine should be stored in a dark place because the sun ruins the quality of the drink.

The temperature of the place in which you are going to store wine, should be around 11 degrees. Higher temperatures speed up the ripening process, and lower slow. It is also important that the temperature was constant because fluctuations can harm the drink.

Control the humidity of the place of storage, it should be in the range of 65 to 80%. It must be that the tube is not dried out or Vice versa is not moldy.
It is worth considering that wine is a drink that is breathable and can absorb odors that will ruin the wine.

Wine likes peace, any oscillations and vibrations can increase the rate of decay. Select the place where the bottles will be at rest. It is important that they were located in a horizontal position below the tube in contact with the liquid.

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