40+ Party Makeup Ideas

After applying an eyeliner and an eye shadow, make sure they are highlighted with a mascara or artificial lashes. Artificial lashes can be permanent (lasting almost a month) or one time lashes.

Every occasion requires a different make-up, wardrobe, hairstyle, behavior… As for a job, it’s usually like wearing more elegant clothes and more discreet makeup, and outfit and make up for evening outings we adjust to that occasion. Evening outings give us much more freedom when it comes to wardrobe, hairstyle, footwear and makeup. In the evening we can play with trends, colors, materials because evening outings are there for relaxing and enjoying the way we want. After daily tasks, relaxing at a club or restaurant with family, friends or a loved one is our valve and the way to spend spare time in the best possible way.

When we makeup, it’s not a bad idea to know some basic rules in order to hide what we want to be hidden and emphasize what is good and what we want to emphasize. Make-up is there to beautify, emphasize and hide somewhat. When we make out for evening out, we can freely use all our creativity. No matter that it is evening is and that we may be going to where the lighting is weaker, we can look glamorous.

Adjust your style to make your make-up more fun. Play with colors, seals, use artificial lashes, eyeliner.. Choose what you want to be – vamp, a sexy seduction or a sensual girl.

Before each make-up you must clean your face. Use the haircut to remove the bangs from the face. Be sure to threat the spotlights. The cheapest way to get out of the dark spotlights is to put on it tea bags from the chamomile that you will hold for about ten minutes. If you like to make-up and do it often, in the bag you must always have a foundation for powder, powder, a corrector, shadow and eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, highlighter, mascara, shadow and lipstick. Think about the wardrobe that you are planning to wear and compose makeup with it so that it does not appear to be incompatible.

One of classic ways for eye make up is smokey eyes. This way of eye makeup fits to almost all ladies, and if you can do it nicely, you can become real seductions. Arabian makeup is also a trend that is always popular and combines with cat-like eyes. However, in this way, you must be very skilled in using makeup brushes.

Be sure to emphasize your eyes, except for shade and eyeliner, with a mascara, or even better with artificial eyelashes. Novelties in the world of makeup are magnetic eyelashes. These lashes have launched the One Two Lash brand. It’s cost-effective to use them because one pair if you use it a couple of times a week, can last up to three months. Their use is very simple and there is no glue for use. Of course, how you will make up your eyes depends primarily on whether they are tiny, large, whether you have a dropped eyelid.

In our gallery, enjoy pictures of some evening makeup ideas and find your ideal combination.

For glamorous look tinsels are indispensable.

Those a little bit bold ladies who like to experiment but also get noticed, will definitely take the red color on their eyes.

The blue color will give the freshness to brown and black eyes and will ”open” the view. Try a blue eyeliner.

To apply properly eye shadow, it is important to choose the right shade that agrees with the color of your eyes, but also apply the shadow and the eyeliner according to the size and shape of your eyes.

This form of eyebrows, I would say, is not even brave but completely useless. Anyway, if you like to experiment just ahead.

Sunset on the eyes. To go for a drink with a friend or boy, it’s a real hit this make up on the eyes.

Gentle earth tones, brighter and darker beige and brown shades, brilliantly go with brown hair.

Smokey eyes is a classic in world of make-up, it’s great for all occasions, and with real shades that you’ll combine with your ten and wardrobe you will surely be noticed.

If you over-emphasize your eyes, choose the smoother lip gloss for the lips.

Brave women wear eyeliner. If you’re not very skill with shadow brushes, take a look at several tutorials on YouTube and listen to the tips. The effort will be worthwhile.

Golden color is never less modern and unpopular. It’s al to make always good to your appearance make glamorous, whether in jewelery, in make up, in wardrobe…

Makeup should highlight everything the most beautiful on you, and hide all the flaws.

Although hot summer days are behind us, the yellow color is still popular. Somehow this is an unavoidable shade in the autumn…

If you pull another line of shimmery eyeliner above the black eyeliner, you will make your view more ”open” and fresher.

If you are going on a crazy party, this make up will make you the queen of the evening.

My fetish is a combination of two different colors on the eyelids, one color on the upper eyelid, and the other on the lower eyelid. The golden cap in the inner corner of the eye gave it a fresher but also a slightly shy look.

This is classical smokey eye make up that you can take apart for evening out and over the day.

Matte tones are still very popular. The autumn is coming so the dark purple and red will be a great choice for the lips.

A clean face can be your canvas on which you can play with colors and styles.

The white color in the inner corner of the eye will make you look restful.

The earthy tones stand great on blondes, and brunettes and black ladys.

Nude color on the lips very nice stand to all ladies. The purple color is royal but make it more interesting by combining it with orange.

Thick eyebrows and even a little abandoned are popular for several seasons.

Very creative. The top is in glossy shine, and lower is in the matte shade with a glittering line. You have to take this because it is very tempting.

To make your lips bigger, first draw them on the edge with the pencil for one shade darker than the rose, fill it with lipstick and, if you like, put on mouth shiny gloss.

The bright yellow color fits nice with green eyes.

In her purse, every woman should have a moisturizing cream, blush, mascara, corrector and lip gloss.

The best foundation for make up is not the one with a pink note, but the one with a yellow pigment.

Gray and all earth tones of eye shadows fit perfectly on ladies with brown eyes.

If you have blue eyes, choose warmer tones of blue, gray, glossy, silver color…

Follow the image guide step by step and you will get this great make up.

Another instruction for smokey eyes in earthy tones, but enriched with a brilliant eyeliner above black.

The easiest way to apply the blush on your cheeks is to smile and move from the middle of cheeks to your ears Do not forget the nose, the forehead and the beard for applying the blush too.

If you have thin lips you can increase them by injecting hyaluron gel. Of course moderately because that is the best – always keep it in mind.

Good correctors are creamy and usually in color of peach or pink. So creamy are excellent for thin skin around eyes. After corrector, follow the conspirator.

The red color is always in fashion, it is eternal like white and black. Choose a red shade that will fit best on your lips.

The area around your eyes shows easiest and fastest old age. For this reason, you should never rub that area, but even when you remove make up or when you apply makeup drip that area.

Lighter shadow on the upper eyelid and the darker above it will make the eyes bigger and more seductive.

You can never make a mistake if you use tins for evening make up.

When you remove makeup, only your face and skin remain. And then you need to be beautiful, so take care of your face.

Complete the perfect makeup with effective jewelry and you will definitely be noticed.

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