The four most common sleep problems and ways to solve them

The time it takes for any person to really get enough sleep is five minutes longer. Residents of large cities are accustomed to sleeping only when they are on holiday, and that is not always the case.

Career, family, prosperity – everything should be at the highest level – nobody wants to be written off as a loser. The ancient Greeks did not have such problems. They had two dreams of creating gods: Morpheus, who brought sweet visions, and Hypnos, responsible for the disturbing.

 The first was loved, the second – not very. Nowadays people would be glad to meet with any of them. But excess “must” and “should”, stress and heightened anxiety prevent sleep and sleep.The correspondent of SHE found out why we are not sleeping and how to solve the most common problems with sleep.

Problem 1. I lie, I do not sleep. The pillow is tortured, a thousand sheep are counted, but there is still no dream.

Causes: stress, anxiety, restless legs syndrome (pains, crawl, tingling, unpleasant sensations in the lower extremities).

Solutions:A mattress, pillow, bed should be comfortable. Evenings are spent in rooms with muted light. With strong lighting in the body, the process of preparing for sleep is interrupted. “It is not recommended to do sports six hours before bedtime. You can not work. Let and sitting at the computer, you still experience tension, concentrating on business, “- explains the doctor-somnologist of the clinic of the Institute of Physiology of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences Sergey Yarosh. “Often people think that smoking soothes them. But this is an illusion. It activates the body. 2-3 hours before bedtime, it’s better to forget cigarettes, “- recommends the doctor-somnologist of the clinic of the Institute of Physiology of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Jan Ivanov. From alcohol to sleep, the future is also worth abandoning. A glass of cognac or a pile of vodka really relaxes the body, and the person quickly falls asleep. “But the quality of sleep is very poor. The body does not rest,

The main thing is not to perceive insomnia (insomnia) as a tragedy. This will only increase stress and will not let you relax. “Do not worry about how bad it will be in the morning, and think that tomorrow everything will happen again. With such thoughts, a person takes the first step toward a closed circle of constant problems with sleep, “Sergei Yarosh said. In order not to concentrate on experiences, somnologists advise cleaning the bedroom from the bedroom. “If the cause of insomnia is a restless leg syndrome, you need to move your legs in bed, stretch them, or even walk around the apartment a little,” advises Sergei Yarosh.

Problem 2. Restless ears. Living in a metropolis, we learned to sleep against the noise and even howl of car alarms. But sometimes every rustle is an awakening.

Causes: chronic stress, anxiety.

Solutions:Remove chronic stress with the help of relaxing practices will not work. Specialists recommend a change in lifestyle or contact a psychologist. While eliminating the causes of stress does not work, learn to quickly return to sleep. When you wake up in the middle of the night, do not turn on the light and the main thing do not worry, lie in bed. Do not take yourself in, do not drag yourself out of boredom for working papers or a serious book. TV is also better not to watch. Advertising, a stressful film or an aggressive show can excite, and it will be more difficult to fall asleep.

Problem 3. I slept, but did not sleep. The meeting with Morpheus lasted 7-10 hours, but in the morning it seems as if you did not sleep.

Causes: Lack of deep sleep. In women, this is a consequence of increased anxiety, in men – motor disorders or sleep apnea syndrome (periodic respiratory arrest in sleep).

Solutions:It is not always possible to solve the problem by increasing the time of sleep. “We had a patient who slept for 10 hours. Five of them did not breathe, respectively, the body did not rest. The phase of deep sleep was not enough. Of course, he could not get enough sleep, “says Sergei Yarosh. The symptom of apnea is snoring. Sound in a dream? It’s time to be checked. But the movement disorders are completely invisible. “A person simply has a big toe, for example, moving in a dream like a reflex. And all: the center of the brain is alarmed and the phase of deep sleep does not come, “- explains Sergey Yarosh. There are no methods of self-medication for nocturnal sleep apnea or motor disorders. We must go to the factors and develop an individual course of treatment.

Women rarely suffer from these ailments. They usually do not get enough sleep because of anxiety. Somnologists advise exciting women to relax before going to bed. Do yoga, meditation, take a bath in the evening with soothing oils or do something else, always calming you down.

Problem 4. Unpleasant dreams. If at night Freddie Kruger or the chief came to you with the words “You are fired”, you are unlikely to wake up cheerfully.

Causes: Stress, overwork, neurotic situations.

Solutions:Do not attach importance to every bad dream, says the psychotherapist of the Insight clinic Igor Lyakh. Bad vision is a way of the psyche to unload from the negative emotions experienced. “This can be a reaction to something seen on TV or heard from loved ones. A person will not even notice how much it affected him, but the psyche needs to digest the impressions in a dream, “Igor Lyakh explains. This vision must be simply experienced and forgotten.

Sleep can be very stressful, really scary. But if the ending is a happy ending, psychologists will not find it a nightmare. When, brushing off the doze, you forgot the nightly horrors, the sleep is healthy. A symptom of the problem is a vision, even if not terrifying, but leaving the depressing memories of themselves in the morning. Usually, Hypnos torments those who are troubled by a severe neurotic situation. You need to change your life, if you know what exactly oppresses you. Or to address to the psychologist when the problem is deep and connected with some old experience (one and the same nightmare repeats with different frequency). For prevention of heavy dreams, if possible, protect yourself from unpleasant impressions. Avoid negative information, do not look before bedtime, thrillers, horror stories and news.

Sleep Science:

1. Sleep should not be another reason for stress. Think optimistically: they turned in midnight bed – tomorrow you’ll sleep.
2. Bedding should only be for sleeping and sex.
3. Overload, both mental and physical, will not help to get tired and fall asleep. On the contrary – they will not let you relax in bed.
4. Do not sleep on weekends. Better sleeps the one who lies down and gets up at the same time.
5. Infusion of valerian, motherwort, peony will help relieve tension, but with chronic sleep disorders this is not enough. Sometimes you can use sleeping pills, but only in the first half of the night.

Everyone has their own bed rituals. If your in some ways disagree with the recommendations of somnologists, and there are no problems with sleep, then you do not need to change your habits. To sleep soundly, watch with pleasure.

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