Thin cause a feeling of pity

With the advent of spring, I want everything to be slim, but not many have enough courage to endure debilitating diets. And is it really necessary?

Yakov Novoselov, director of the Siberian Federal Center for Healthy Nutrition, PhD, chief expert at the Institute of Nutrition of the RAMS, tells how to eat in the spring, how to normalize your weight without dieting and lose weight without causing pity.

What problems do women face after the winter period?

The main issues of women with the onset of spring are most often associated with weight loss and weight loss. But, firstly, it is wrong to consider that it is necessary to get rid of excess kilograms, just having excess weight according to standard calculation. It is important to understand where the excess of these kilograms is. If it is in adipose tissue – you have a disproportionately large abdomen, hips, shoulders, then you can fight it.

If the figure looks harmonious and the surplus is, it means that it is in active cell tissue: in muscles, in internal organs, and it can not be lost in any case, it is even dangerous for health. Secondly, as a rule, men like women in the body. Thin cause a feeling of pity.

How then to become slimmer without causing pity?

I do not recommend fasting, but I insist on restoring health through discipline and food hygiene. Relatively speaking, you need to stop snacking, and start to eat fully. It happens that women proudly say that they do not eat breakfast, do not eat lunch or dinner, and at the same time wonder where the excess weight comes from. I advise within two weeks to write down everything that is eaten for the day – every candy, every cup of tea.

And in the end, according to the records, it is most often seen that the volume, and most importantly the quality, of the food eaten is simply terrifying. It is much better for health to eat 4 times a day healthy food than to be poisoned by muck when horrible. In addition to discipline, food hygiene is also needed. In our usual diet a big lack of vitamins and trace elements, and if the amount of food is limited then the deficit of important substances becomes even more serious.

How to change the diet with the arrival of spring? 

After winter, pronounced hypovitaminosis. In addition, in the spring, the body begins restructuring from protein-fat metabolism to carbohydrate, and the body spends a lot of energy on it. Therefore it is very important to observe the balance: 40-45% of the ration – cereals, not bread, but porridges, 30-35% – meat and dairy products, 20-25% – vegetables and fruits and not more than 10% easily digestible sugars, e. confectionery, sugar, sweets. Do not forget about the special diet – dietary supplements, vitamin enriched complexes that meet the quality standards. To restore hair and nails, it is recommended to buy calcium-enriched products – for this you just need to read the label carefully, which shows the percentage of the daily value of this element in the product.

Can I lose weight without exercise? 

When hypodynamia to harmonize weight, that is, lose weight without harm to health, it is unreal. You can lose weight by eating fat burners, or even, as it is fashionable now in America, to resect two thirds of the stomach. Then the weight will drop dramatically, but the health will be undermined and, probably, due to serious complications, the body weight will not even be of interest anymore. And it is when you lose weight very quickly recruited, and even more than it was.
You can not eat a cake and eat it with anything to neutralize the calories.

Ate a cake – go 5-6 miles, at least in the evening on a treadmill.

What kind of diet do you not recommend?

It is advisable not to resort to foreign diets, they are designed for other regions where people have a different metabolism. At us in Siberia to be the vegetarian is not simply unprofitable, and even it is harmful. Although in Moscow it is already possible, but in Europe – it is necessary. Bread is the head only in the European part of Russia. In Siberia, you need to eat no more than 5-6 pieces a week. By the way, the Siberian and Southern regions of Russia are champions of obesity. All because they eat bread and potatoes in huge quantities, although this should not be done according to climatic conditions.

So it’s better to use diets developed at least in Russia, and not in Europe, and even more so in America. Although I believe that it is better to avoid diets altogether, but to regulate your weight with a constant balanced diet and hygiene.

That is, the express diet “Lose weight by March 8 for two days” you do not recommend?

In general, a month without harm to health can not lose more than 2-2.5 kg. Any diet, especially “express” – mockery of the body, stress. It is necessary to remember the hygiene of not only the external but also the internal environment of the body. You clean your teeth every day, not March 8? Although the teeth can still be prosthetized, but the liver – it is unlikely. Normalize your weight is quite realistic if you change your lifestyle and balance your diet. With the advent of spring, I recommend eating as follows:

Breakfast (half an hour after awakening):
A plate of porridge (oatmeal, buckwheat, rice, millet, etc.) + a glass of milk, green tea or coffee with milk.
Lunch (12-13 hours):
Hot soup on meat or vegetable broth, products with animal protein – meat, fish, poultry, egg (not semi-finished products) with vegetable garnish (not potatoes).
Afternoon snack (at 16 o’clock):
Vegetable or fruit salad + sour milk products or tea (without sugar). Cookies and sweets are excluded ..
Dinner (3 hours before bedtime):

Hot soup, products with animal protein – meat, fish, poultry, egg (not semi-finished products) with grain garnish.
During the day, it is advisable to drink enriched jelly – they are sold in pharmacies.

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