The fashion includes copper shades, and the classic quilt is no longer relevant

Autumn is the right time to make a new hairstyle: to cut off the sun-damaged hair, to pick up a new image for a new wardrobe.

And in general – we will be humane to others: gloomy passers-by, slowly wading through the freezing and darkening city with their noses to the ground, definitely need little visual joys.

And the sudden appearance of a red-headed beast or a monro-like shining blonde is one of those joys. The correspondent of SHE asked the stylists about what haircuts, styling and shades will be in vogue in the coming cold season.

Indian cinema and 70’s disco

“For the long hair this season comes the eastern trend – luxurious long wavy hair in Indian taste: in general, India is very relevant in everything – and make-up, and hairstyles, and the image as a whole, – commented Marina Bezrukova, technologist Keune. – At the peak remain braids – careless, undetached, soft. ” In general, the owner of long hair is easier to try on yourself (at least every day) new trends: still a new haircut is always a risk, and styling is quite another matter. However, it’s just not fashionable to approach the styling too seriously and diligently.

“There is still a very strong trend towards negligence, a feeling that the hair was not very tried when the styling is not conspicuous,” says stylist Maria Lipatnikova.

Very popular long loose, naturally lying, dried alone without a hair dryer, hair is a tribute to the fashion of the freedom-loving 60’s. Another retro version, which has been for several seasons for the evening (or just a special mood), is that the hair is smooth from above, and on the shoulders lies large soft curls. However, such a hairstyle – a classic attribute of this diva – went through almost the entire twentieth century: last season it was combined with the actual then motifs of the 30-40s, and in this – with the fashionable today motifs of the 70’s.

On the occasion of the return to fashion of the corresponding wardrobe-the strict geometry of the 60’s trapezium dresses and the hippy-chic, becoming bourgeois, which became a high fashion of the 1970s, the fashion of the era was also noticed in fashion magazines: smooth hair just below the shoulders, slightly twisted at the ends , with a forehead it is necessary a forehead.

Best of all, this hairstyle illustrates (and most of all inspires her). Verushka is a real German countess, born in the future Kaliningrad, and in the 60s she became one of the defining faces of the era of American top models. The main thing is to continue the allusion to that epoch in clothes, otherwise the easy fleece will look pretentious.

Color of Autumn

Stylists’ advice on fashionable repainting is traditionally diverse, this fall – especially. However, for many years the fashion is favorable to all colors – provided that the hair retained a healthy shine. “Actual natural shades, especially autumn ones, for example, are reddish cats,” notes Yana Bogdanova, stylist of the image laboratory “Persona”. “The colors are rather warm, luxurious autumn shades: chestnut, red, wheat and golden blondes,” maintains stylist Maria Lipatnikova.

“Blondes of this season are bright, be it pearly, ashy or golden-honeyed,” says art director of the salon “Kamiy Alban” Andrei Kovalev. – For darker hair, a copper-brown or brown-chocolate tone with bright melting with golden or honey tints is relevant. “

“For blondes is still relevant heterogeneous color, and, now it is so many that in the hair can combine warm and cold strands,” – says Marina Bezrukova. There are fears that the union of the redheads will make a new attempt to capture the world, which was almost ten years ago. “Nowadays red hair of autumn foliage color, soft shades,” continues Ms. Bezrukova. “But we are gradually moving towards more flashy shades: red, fiery, which will come into fashion closer to winter.”

Shaped disgrace

Already the season of one of the main forms of haircuts remains a bean. “In general, for the haircuts of this season are characterized by either massive dense sections, or strongly filified hair,” says Andrei Kovalev.

– In the fashion includes an elongated Italian square, but the classic square, which dominated for two years, out of fashion comes out. “

Maria Lipatnikova advises the wearers of the neat quilts in the French style to try a more careless option – lacerated lines, textured with gel; and short haircuts – worn ruffled. “As for the bangs, then the fashion is absolutely diverse, not in favor except that the massive heavy bangs – adds Marina Bezrukova. “And the light wave and the tattered short bangs combined with the long neck of the haircut are also good, and another funny variant is an independent curl on the forehead of a la lapa.”

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