June 17, 2024

Fashion includes hairstyles in the form of a beam and hair with a dandelion effect

The fashion of this autumn is very pretentious, weighted by details and a difficult cut. It is possible, for this reason, the designers decided not to complicate themselves and fashionable women with decorative hair.

First: just hair – a good frame for not just clothes, and secondly – naturalness is always winning. As well as the classics. And do not think that it’s boring – if you take into account all the nuances of a hairdo that does not seem to be, it becomes clear that it takes effort to create it. The correspondent of SE dealt with the fashion trend of hairdressing art this fall.

“It’s amazing, but the fashion for hairstyles fell silent,” says Alexey Gusev, Wella Color Podium. – At the autumn shows, fashion houses did not show any special innovations, stopping at modest simplicity. However, this simplicity can be taken for direction – this is a real classic.

” What tricks can be called classical? It’s loose hair or a bun. But everything is not so simple – we will examine each direction in detail.


Just dissolving the hair is not enough to create the impression of a hairstyle. They will have to be slightly shaken – that is, to scratch. Do not be scared – modern fleece is very different from the bird nests of the last century. The main rule of loose hair – they must be clean from roots to tips. However, although the hair is not done on dirty hair, it will not be kept completely clean either.

Therefore, for washed strands you need to apply mousse for volume, tilt your head forward and, throwing your hair and whipping with your hands, dry it. Returning to the starting position, start your fingers in the hair and once again whip the strands, moving from the tips to the roots. The tangled comb: accuracy is an indispensable condition of the current fashion. The parting, straight or oblique, must also be even. Vzmahnite mane and the result of fix the lacquer. Get a three-dimensional hairstyle in Hollywood style. Simple and elegant.

Another option for loose hair will suit the owner of curls: “The wavy hair in this season is given volume at the tips,” says Vyacheslav Storozhev, the top master of “Persona Lab. ”And the roots, starting from the parting, can be laid smoothly with the help of a gel with a damp gloss – that’s what the stylists of the fashion house Prada did with models.

One of the curious novelties arose, most likely, simply because there was no time to struggle with it – this is the effect of magnetization.

If the hair after lifting the headgear stand on end – you are in a trend. It’s a joke, but there is a fair amount of truth – fluffy, flying dandelion hair is now popular.

Strands and tufts

With loose hair it’s nice to go for a walk or for shopping. But in some offices, such liberties are not welcome. “Many designers have suggested to collect hair in a bundle – this is perhaps the most fashionable version of an autumn hairstyle,” reports Alexei Gusev. Do you think that nothing can be boring? Stylists approach the question creatively: assemble the knot from the harnesses (for this, separate the strands are treated with the styling agent) and assemble them in a bundle not smoothly and smoothly all together, but individually, twisting each strand. If there is a lot of time – make a bundle of braids, looks very impressive.

A complex, careless, but elegant version of the beam is obtained if the long hair is tied in a natural way into the knot, fixed with hairpins and sprinkled with varnish.

We saw the back view, and as for the front part, many designers agreed on the effect of smooth hair – it’s quite simple to make it, having acquired a knack, and it is not necessary to use a gel-spray for styling to tame the “roosters”.

Briefly about the main

As for half-length and short hairstyles, the fashion is graphic. “Now a combination of geometry and naturalness, clear lines and torn tips is fashionable,” says Top-Master “Persons Lab” Vyacheslav Storozhev. It sounds difficult, but in fact it’s all the same classics of the genre – a straight line of bangs and light ends at the quads, what could be easier?

And finally, what color should classical simplicity be? “Either a monotonous blonde, or a monotonous brunette – pure colors are popular,” said Vyacheslav Storozhev. “Showing modesty in the hairstyle is a hit of the season, so there are no provocative, unnatural colors in the fashion trends,” continues Alexei Gusev. “However, sometimes, as a highlight, a bright copper color can slip through. ”

For the celebration, you can make your hair more saturated with shading. For everyday life, the natural color of your hair is suitable. Try it, maybe it will seem new and interesting to you. And in general – do not be afraid to be such as you were conceived by genes, convince yourself that natural and simple – it’s fine, and others will share your confidence.

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