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When politicians, bureaucrats and their favorite pop stars began to appear fresher and thinner in the public, the whispers immediately spread across the country and from hand to hand began to transmit the magic tablets cut from the newspaper.

The history of the Kremlin diet, which was allegedly developed in a secret medical institution for Soviet party workers, gave a special piquancy to the tablets. About how effective and harmless the Kremlin diet, the correspondent of SHE has found out.

The correspondent of SHE has learned, whether it is possible to grow thin, eating meat and using alcohol without restriction

The essence of diet

While all other diets are repelled by the upcoming agonizing feeling of hunger, the creators of the Kremlin diet are going to a desperate step – they are allowed to eat much of what everyone else is forbidding. In particular, it is allowed to eat meat, poultry and fish with almost no restrictions, which does not make you hungry. Veto is imposed on cereals, bread, sweets and fruits.

To make weight loss more comfortable, a special table is proposed, where each product or dish is given conditional glasses (the amount of carbohydrates per 100 g of product). In order to lose weight, it is recommended to gain 40 points (cu) per day, to maintain the form – 60. Those who survive the meat regime, the diet makers promise, drop to 8.5 kg per week.

For example, wheat bread – 50, sugar – 99, milk – 4,7, cucumbers – 3, chicken, fat, sausage – 0, whiskey and vodka – 0 cu That is, in principle, lovers of strong alcohol can spend a good night, drinking and eating. 

Personal experience The

Kremlin diet gives rise to numerous disputes: the opinions of those who sit on the diet vary – from those who dropped a record number of kilograms in record time, to those who began to recover, having sat on a diet for a week.

Olga, 29 years old. I sat on the Kremlin diet for about a month, dropped 6 kg. But as soon as I decided to say goodbye, 1.5 kg returned in a couple of days.

Larisa, 35 years old.I calmly tolerated the Kremlin diet – enough even 20 cu. a day, given that it is indifferent to sweets and sweets. But my body reacted inadequately – after a week I gained 2 kg.

SHE correspondent also decided to taste the Kremlin’s diet and, looking at the table, remembered the TV program “Field of Miracles”, where the intellectual participant, who guessed the word, could choose the prizes for honestly earned points. Breakfast consisting of eggs, cheese and ham (by the way, on points between oily eggs on fat and a dietary egg, there is no difference), “ate” only 2.5 cu. Innocent vegetable soup for lunch and 100 g of stewed beef poured out into 20 cu, 18 of which took soup. By the evening of the meat did not want to, strong alcohol, too. Therefore, the dinner consisted of cottage cheese with sour cream (3,8). Evening melancholy for sweets made the correspondent take heart and allow himself one pechenyushku (12 cu).

Feel:Despite the vigorous texts of Internet resources, it seemed that without the usual dose of sweet, the thought process slowed down. But the process of eating food acquired awareness – before something was sent to the mouth, it took time to check the tables (in different sources different figures), calculate on a calculator and write down. The feeling of hunger, as promised, is missing. The cunning table acts on the psyche, shocking with terrible numbers: a note that this amount of points is characteristic of 100 g of the product does not save – and you quickly refuse from a spoonful of sugar into tea.

Results: minus 300 g per day.

Dietitian’s view

Although most weight loss people admit that it is not easy to lose weight, only a few apply to nutrition correction specialists. The correspondent of SHE asked the dieticians to analyze the Kremlin diet.

Late drink Borjomi
-1 point

“I, as a nutritionist, negatively regard this diet, it is very extreme and does not suit everyone,” says Elena Garagulya, a nutritionist at the Delfa Center. A large amount of protein can adversely affect the functioning of the kidneys. Those who are not affected by the Kremlin diet, initially the kidneys are weakened and there is simply a fluid retention in the body.

Down with bad carbs
+1 point

The Kremlin diet is often mistakenly termed non-carbohydrate, prompting a quite reasonable question – how will the organism survive without the necessary substances? “First of all, we are talking about the refusal of” simple “and temporary restriction of” slow “carbohydrates,” explains Olga Poznyak, a nutritionist at the SFCF. – As for vegetables and fruits, they primarily limit the consumption of root crops and sweet varieties of fruit. And various “unsweetened” fruit and vegetable crops and leafy greens are very much welcomed. ”

The complete exclusion from the diet of foods containing a large amount of refined carbohydrates and fats affects health and the figure is very positive.

Too bold
-1 point The

tolerant attitude of the creators of the diet to fatty foods has caused caution not only in the correspondent of SHE. According to nutritionists, the Kremlin diet is not balanced in terms of fat and carbohydrate. “On the one hand, fats do not increase the level of glucose the way carbohydrates, but on the other hand, the abundance of fatty foods is the trigger mechanism for breaking lipid metabolism,” warns Oksana Bragina, a nutritionist at the SRI of SB RAMS, recalling that it’s especially worth to be careful people who have relatives who have suffered strokes and heart attacks.

“Very often people who try on the Kremlin diet themselves abused products of animal origin,” says Olga Poznyak. – Prolonged intake of excessive amounts of fat still did not bring anyone to good and added no health to anyone.

Therefore, despite the fact that these products contain the lowest amount of carbohydrate units, there must be a reasonable sense of proportion in everything. ” The same goes for alcohol, which, according to experts, should be deleted altogether if you want to lose weight. 

Correct sweets
+1 point

If you belong to the category of sweeties, you can frighten off the unbearable “cost” of your favorite products in the table. Nevertheless, if you approach the process of losing weight with the mind and refuse to eat up stress and overeating, you can afford a rare little joy. “Replace the usual sweets with dried fruits or sweetened homemade dishes from milk, cottage cheese with the obligatory use of fresh or freshly frozen berries and fruits,” recommends Olga Poznyak. In addition, do not forget that the amount of carbohydrate units is based on 100 g of the product. Having resorted to simple mathematical formulas, it is possible to calculate how many units are not in 100 g, for example, honey, and in 1 teaspoon – the difference is considerable.

Nutritionists do not recommend sitting on the Kremlin diet for too long (from 5 to 14 days) and continue to relentlessly remind – before you go on a diet, consult your doctor so that you can not get rid of your health with excess kilograms. “The most effective weight loss occurs with automatic recovery of organs, when the metabolism is normalized, the pancreas and liver work improves,” says Elena Garagulya. – Then the body itself spends its supplies, and does not require coffee, chocolate and other stimulants – because its energy is enough. “

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