June 21, 2024

And who is this in a short T-shirt?

In the old days, an advanced young lady had to know languages, dance cotillion, play piano and passively sing. Now it’s a good idea to at least tolerably dance a striptease.

If before training striptease was something exotic, then three years ago, dance schools and fitness clubs in Novosibirsk began to actively offer such a direction as strip plastic, and literally in the last six months all major fitness centers have acquired multi-pole rooms and several specialized schools teaching dance on the pylon. Go to the pole and from its height to evaluate the new form of fitness went correspondents SHE.

Editorial SHE sent its correspondent to the session on strip-plastic

Reference:Strip-plastic (strip-dance) – a dance direction, used for exposure in dance. Strip-dance is without pole or pole (pylon). Pillon dance (pole-dance) is a recognized type of fitness based on aerobic and anaerobic exercises, where the pylon is used as a simulator on which various tricks are performed.

We are exploring the situation:That beast that a striptease is called, in fact, no no striptease. Actually, they are taught to undress only in schools with nightclubs where girls are trained for work. Strip-dance as a direction of fitness of undressing does not mean – neither in the fitness centers, nor in schools of striptease. There they teach you to move beautifully and perform tricks on the pole. The popularity of this type of fitness is evidenced by the fact that in all major fitness centers there are halls with poles.

“Strip plastic is now the second most popular among visitors after shaping and other strength training,” said Evgenia Trabun, manager of the Extreme-Woman Women’s Club of the fitness center Extreme Fitness. In a hall with 7 poles, up to 30 people can come to workout simultaneously. It happens that visitors buy a common subscription (from 800 rubles) and visit it only a strip. However, the flow of randomly wandered between yoga and the treadmill is still great, so the format of training is more familiar. When there are 30 people in the group of 7 people, it is doubtful to learn something serious.

A more individual approach and “to each by a pole” offer specialized schools of strip-plastic: “Strip Girls”, “888”, “Poledance-studio … FA”. Halls there are small, groups, as a rule, not more than 8 people, the number of poles from 3 to 5.

The cost of classes (2 times a week for 1-1. 5 hours) 1700-2000 rubles / month. The number of constantly engaged in different groups – 20-40 people in each school.

Fitness load:Involved mainly abdominal and back muscles plus internal, deep-lying layers of muscle fibers, involved in the work, if necessary, constantly maintain a balance and overcome the force of attraction. It makes sense to talk not about losing weight, but about the increase in muscle mass (in some cases) and the strengthening of the muscular relief. “But if the muscles are hidden under a thick layer of fatty deposits, then without cardio inclusion, then it will be difficult to achieve fat burning,” comments Irina Pyadysheva, fitness instructor, choreographer of the New Style Project dance school.

Contraindications:Problems with vestibular apparatus, violations of arterial and intracranial pressure, problems with the cardiovascular system, hernia and protrusion of intervertebral discs, instability in various parts of the spine.

Props:Short T-shirt and mini-shorts – as much as possible of the body should be exposed for fastening on the pole. Strips – shoes with a cast sole (so that the heels do not come off) on high heels. Gloves or Mighty grip (powder against sliding on the pylon) – with a strong sweating of hands.

Process:For field experiments, the school “Poledance-studio … FA” was chosen – there the lowest price (1,700 rubles / month, 300 rubles a day) and the pole does not need to be divided into eight other dealers, or even one .

The lesson begins with a rather intense workout. From a variety of rotations and waves, the sides are instantly tired – to make everything smooth and beautiful, working out every bend, you have to strain very hard. Then a short warm-up dance with a striptease characteristic for striptease and tilting. “You can put on shoes,” says Ksenia, a fitness instructor with experience in a strip club. Girls, squealing with delight, grow up to 15 centimeters and jump on the poles: they hang upside down, spinning, climbing up to the ceiling. Level at all different: while some make acrobatic numbers, others wait for instructions from Xenia. She walks from pole to pole, individually showing the elements, gives advice, watches how it turns out. After an hour of training on the pole – 15 minutes of good stretching, it is very important in the dance on the pylon,

Feelings:First, with an unaccustomed sweating hands. To prevent this from happening, the poles are constantly wiped with rags soaked in vodka – it dries and disinfects.

Secondly, it rocks. The pylons are static and spinning. In “… FA” everyone is spinning, and sometimes they are spinning so that you have to ask someone to stop you. To avoid motion sickness, it is recommended not to eat at least two hours before training and remember the rule: the closer you are to the pole, the faster it turns. It is worthwhile to set aside the leg or move away on extended arms – the speed of movement will decrease.

Third, the motivation. If it’s boring and reluctant to practice conventional simulators, then the pole acts as such a magical motivator that even the laziest ones get a good load.

Fourth, bruises, pain and a great mood. Not the next morning, and immediately after the session you find bruises on the inside of the thighs and other places that cling to the pole, forgetting about self-preservation in excitement.

By the evening, the muscles of the arms and back begin to ache, and in the morning sensations only increase. But on the stomach on the first evening you find a relief forgotten for the last six months. As one of the side effects after the first session develops a psychological craving for the pylon.

Opinions:Anya, 21, comes to the class for the 7th time: “At the first lesson, I was embarrassed – everyone around turned out all right, but I do not. I did not even want to go to the second one. Now I’m in a wild delight! However, with the guy broke up because of this. He did not allow, but I made a choice. Parents are also not happy. For them, this equates to a brothel. It’s a pity! I’m doing my favorite, but secretly I dream about performances. ”

Lyubov Nesterova, sexologist: “Girls who do this for themselves are a variant of the norm. I find it more abnormal when a woman sits down behind a tractor. Or on the roads is with a kyle. But the girls, who have a tendency to desire to be denuded in front of people, is a form of exhibitionism. Now a woman is being inspired from everywhere that she should be sexy. This is a natural response. This is very well used in family life, then there will be no desire for the husband to side with. Any normal man will be pleased if the wife performs in front of him elements of striptease and at the same time she will have a tight figure. It’s better than being fat and sitting without getting up. “

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