Beauty for a penny

There is nothing safer and more profitable than investing in yourself, because everything that we invest in our health and beauty is not subject to crisis and inflation.

Appearance and health is our calling card, which shows the degree of well-being of each of us! On the eve of the upcoming holidays in the wellness centers of the network “TONUS-CLUB” the action “88 season tickets at a festive price” is held.

You can buy tickets for visiting TONUS-CLUB at festive prices with a discount of up to 40%! In TONUS-CLUB you can improve the appearance and health without spending huge sums. For example, when purchasing an annual subscription, the cost of one lesson does not exceed 50 rubles.

How quickly to lose weight by March 8?

If you are tired of sweating on weight training machines, jumping to a loss of heart rate in group classes at fitness clubs and dreaming of turning your work on your figure into a pleasant and useful process – try wellness.

What is wellness? Wellness – a system of healing, which includes physical exercise, relaxation, balanced nutrition and care. Gentle exercise regimen is one of the fundamental principles of wellness. This allows you to visit wellness centers even for people who have various limitations for physical activity.

One of the features of the new wellness equipment is the combination of several functions, i.e. complex effect on the body: reduction of fat body mass, reduction of muscle tone, strengthening of the cardiovascular system.

This is the complex effect of the wellness-simulators popular in Europe – toned tables . You lie on a table, one part of which makes repetitive movements, and under the careful attention of the instructor you perform a series of exercises on a certain large group of muscles.

With regular classes on the tonus tables results are achieved:

• reduction in excess weight;

• Increasing elasticity and elasticity of muscles, forming a muscular corset, increasing the flexibility of the whole body, forming graceful lines of the figure;
• positive impact on the spine – relieving fatigue of the back, which is especially important for people who are sedentary, as well as those with impaired posture and osteochondrosis;
• getting rid of the syndrome of chronic fatigue – an eight-minute rest on the table for relaxation not only relieves the accumulated fatigue, but also improves blood circulation, metabolism, helps to remove harmful toxins and toxins from the body, speeds up the lymph flow.

Quickly bring yourself in shape, improve complexion and get rid of annoyed cellulite will help the vibrating platform. The secret of the effectiveness of this simulator is in the impact on the organism of vibrations of a certain frequency. Muscles of the body automatically react to vibration by contraction and relaxation, blood circulation is normalized, even in the smallest vessels, and metabolism is accelerated. Ten minutes of classes on the vibro platform on the effect are comparable to two hours of active tennis. No wonder this simulator is so popular in Hollywood!

Hippotherapy is an excellent method of forming a beautiful posture, strengthening the muscles of the back and abdomen, treating spine diseases. New in the area of ​​wellness and equestrian training– simulates the movements of a real animal, has a proven healing and training effect. When making movements on a special trajectory, the equestrian simulator constantly deflects you from the center of gravity, causing your body to return to its original position in order to restore balance. These movements cause constant tension and relaxation of abdominal muscles, back and thighs, thereby strengthening them. The equestrian simulator trains even those muscle groups that are not involved or not sufficiently trained on conventional simulators. Classes on the equestrian simulator allow you to lose weight, strengthen the muscular corset and form an ideal posture.

One of the most effective methods today in the fight against cellulite and varicose veins – pressotherapy. This unique suit provides active body massage with the help of compressed air.

Lymph drainage massage relieves swelling, allows you to significantly reduce body volume and increase the elasticity of the skin. Regular visits to the procedure relieve of such problems as swelling, cellulite and varicose veins, activates metabolic processes in skin cells, stimulates the defenses of the body and increases immunity. Be sure to try the exercises on roller massager . Rotating wooden rollers literally smash fat deposits. Classes help to quickly lose weight, smooth the skin and completely get rid of cellulite.

For express slimming is used thermotherapy – deep heating of the body with infrared sources. The effect of “deep heat” is fundamentally different from the effect of a conventional sauna, since the depth of heating is 10-15 times greater. The first session gives an immediate decrease in waist and hip volumes by 1.5-2.5 centimeters.

There were new items in the TONUS CLUB! Relax after classes you can in a massage bed , and stretch tired after a long day of feet and calf muscles will help a foot massager .

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