Succession’s Brian Cox addresses the missing character

Succession‘s Brian Cox has addressed the missing character from the popular series – and it looks as though there might be some good news coming. Brian Cox, who plays Logan Roy in the hit series, has hinted that his character’s wife Marcia could return in season three, but also said that he “doesn’t know” what will happen to their relationship.

Marcia and Logan had a falling out at the end of the second season and speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Brian opened up about the status of his character Logan, and his wife’s relationship status.

He said that he didn’t know much about it, explaining, “I think one of the difficulties is the storylines of certain characters: Sometimes certain characters are put on a back burner like Connor has been, and is coming off the back burner, like Justine Lupe’s Willa’s character has been, too.

He continued, “And I think Marcia’s character has been a bit of a victim of that because she’s had to take a backward seat and also because she wasn’t there, she didn’t turn up to the boat. Logan was waiting for her to come and she didn’t because of her own issues. So that hovered over the script. I don’t know what’s happening… in this episode in season three, that is still very unclear, what that position is.”

If you’re not up to speed with how season two of HBO’s Succession ends with the Roy family debating who should made the public scapegoat to protect the company’s reputation. Kendall, played by Jeremy Strong, is eventually chosen to take the fall, and then decides to incriminate Logan, played by Brian, at the last minute.

Brian also spilled the tea on where he thinks the show is headed, and has suggested that the black comedy-drama has already begun to start “morphing into other areas”.

Succession‘s Brian Cox also said, “It’s becoming much more of a… I don’t want to say ‘humanist document’ because Jesse Armstrong, creator would hate that.

“But the show has taken on its own life, it’s creating its own life. And that’s a big advantage.”

We’re already anticipating what’s in store for the Roy family next.

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