June 13, 2024

Dua Lipa’s favourite Y2K fashion trend

The butterfly motif is experiencing something of a renaissance of late – the most recent in a long line of Y2K trends to make an appearance not only in our wardrobes, but our makeup routines, too.

ICYMI: Y2K is shorthand for the “year 2000” and the aesthetic is *everywhere* on TikTok. The resin ring trend – as adored by Bella Hadid and Dua Lipa – came first, but it wasn’t long before we started recreating Britney’s iconic 90s pigtails, swiping on bold blue eyeshadow like there was no tomorrow and even playing around with a thinner eyebrow shape. Yes, really.

Now, it’s the butterfly fashion trend‘s turn to make a comeback. Recently seen sported by Dua, Bella and Olivia Rodrigo – and evocative of the sounds of Mariah Carey circa 1997 – it’s cute, nostalgic and playful AF. Dua wore a Versace dress featuring a crystal butterfly-adorned bodice at the 2021 Grammys before posting a pic in a butterfly cropped cami top in late August.

Rodrigo has worn more butterfly-adorned outfits than we even care to count, and model Hadid has been busy promoting Blumarine’s Y2K butterfly-themed collection for the 2022 resort season.

Sweet, but the resurgence did get us wondering what butterflies actually symbolise. Why we so obsessed with them? What’s the BIG DEAL? Well, not only are they a symbol of transformation; blossoming into something unique and truly beautiful, but they are also known to be a sign of good luck. Rumour has it, if a butterfly flutters past you (or lands on you), you’ll be #blessed with great energy in the weeks that follow. Worth a shot? ? ?

If you’re not yet convinced by the introduction of butterfly motifs in your daily office #lewks, fret not. There are loads of cute and subtle ways to play without going OTT. Y’know – butterfly hair clips (ta, ASOS), butterfly necklaces (from designers and high street heroes alike) and even butterfly fragrances. Jo Loves, we’re looking at you. Brave enough to go bold? Make a beeline for Urban Outfitters for butterfly-printed midi skirts and cami tops, or ASOS for the cutest butterfly knitted jumper we ever did see. Catch us taking the trend straight into autumn.

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