Sold-out Topshop dress is on eBay for more than DOUBLE the price

We all know the pain. That agony when the item you’ve been putting in your online basket religiously for the last few weeks while you make your mind up whether or not you need yet another summer dress finally sells out and you get that instant pang of regret that you weren’t more decisive…

But when that happened this week after a hugely-popular £32 Topshop Bardot dress sold-out, those that missed out first time were given a lifeline.

Unfortunately, that lifeline came at a very high price.

Savvy shoppers who spotted the demand have taken to eBay and are selling the dress for more than double the price.

So if you’re willing to upgrade your budget to a relatively whopping £72, then you’re in luck…

If not, shop some of our other favourite summer dresses to snap up this season.

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